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I love New Year’s parties, well parties in general. We always have a family party at home but I still love getting ready just like I am going out to a party. I’m going to show you six items that will make you the star of the party.

Fashion Tattoos. I love theses Lacy Fashion Tattoos. They are very cute and easy to apply (well, with another person’s help). I love that they don’t get caught in things like my hair or clothes but they still look sparkly.

Nail Polish. Nail polish is a fun way to add party fun to your outfit. For New Years I love bright red, grey, lilac purple and light teal blue. Thanks to a shipment from Beauty Box 5 (post to come later) I was introduced to Nubar polish. I love the sparkle but even better is that this polish is natural and vegan. I can’t wait to try investigate this brand more.

Lip Gloss or Lip Balm. A good lip balm or gloss is always nice to have on hand like the Smooth Sphere Lip Balm from Evolution in Smooth (EOS). Their a Pomegranate Raspberry is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.

A Sweet Treat. I like marshmallows in my hot chocolate but the handmade flavoured marshmallows are a nice treat just on their own. I especially like the ones at NADÈGE. I just bought their Cotton Candy marshmallows and they are yummy.

Blitz the Zits. Of course anytime I plan on going out or having fun with friends that’s when a pimple or two appear on my face. These aren’t accessories I like. I keep a little tube of Bellaboo Blitz in my bag to attack pimples when they appear and it works great. My mom loves that it is a natural product too, just like the Bellaboo Skin Starter Kit I wrote about earlier.

A Shirt with Shimmer. A sparkly shirt is always cute to wear especially on New Years. Any black shirt with sequins or thread that sparkles will do, like the tank top I picked up from Suzy Shier.

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I’m looking forward to watching TV and staying up to midnight. My mom doesn’t think I’ll be able to stay up that long but I’m prepared to prove her wrong. I love sharing my thoughts with you guys and look forward to continuing my blog next year.

Have a Happy New Year



Sharing is Caring!

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