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At this age I sometimes don’t feel like I’m important. I am not able to work in a paying job so I feel like I cannot do anything. I’ve discovered you can make a difference other ways. I volunteer at school, helping teachers and as part of a student charity group. I like the way volunteering makes me feel but it’s nice to receive a thank you once and awhile. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt understands this.

From April 22 to 26, 2013, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt has launched Menchie’s Teen Week is rewarding teens for their volunteer work. All you have to do is bring in something that proves you have done some volunteer work and you could receive a free frozen yogurt cup (up to a value of $5.00 Cdn) between 4 and 6 pm. I think that this is super cool that Menchie’s is rewarding teens for their volunteer work because it’s creative and fun. Plus it will encourages volunteer work by saying your work will not go unrewarded.

Mystyle Menchies sample

If you’re like me it will take you awhile to decide on how to spend your $5. They have a bunch of different and fun flavours of frozen yogurt, such as Cake Batter, Red Velvet, and Marshmallow. They provide small cups if you want to try a sample first. This is where the fun part begins. You can choose from a huge group of toppings to create your sweet masterpiece.  Are you a chocolate fan? Toss on some fudgy brownies, oreos, milk chocolate chips and a huge scoop of milk choclate fudge.  Feel like something a little more tropical? Try a creation of maraschino cherries, coconut, pineapple, almonds and a dollop of whipped topping.

Mystyle Menchies swirl

Mystyle Menchies topping

Whatever your creation, don’t forget to take a picture and post it on Instagram to enter into Menchie’s Instagram contest. Make sure to include the store’s name, tag your photo with #MenchiesCreation and give it a name. You could win the grand prize of Mehcnie’s for a year. Plus each store will be giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky winner.

Mystyle Menchies creation

I submitted my creation, Snowy Mountain, containing a mix of marshmallow and vanilla frozen yogurt and topped with cheesecake bits, brownie bits, marshmallows, and white chocolate chips. It was wonderfully delicious. For more information on the volunteer reward program or the Menchie’s Creation contest visit MenchiesCanada.

Psst, EverythingMom also has their own Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt giveaway, with VIP cards, if you are in Toronto. You can enter here.

Thanks for Menchie’s for the chance to visit their store and sampling their delicious frozen yogurt. 

Sharing is Caring!

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