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Sharing is Caring!

We Day is this Friday in Toronto. I liked attending last year and I’m really excited about attending again this year with my friends from school. We Day is about more than one day. It is about doing good and making a difference every day. One way you can help is by your shopping choices.


The Me to We Shop sells products that support communities in developing countries. The clothing in the Me to We Shop is all ethically produced, without sweatshop labour. The jewelry is handmade by artisians, giving families jobs to support their communitiy. These are some of my favourite items in the Me to We Shop

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1) Kamba Braided Bracelet ($34.99) and Ashe Bracelet ($14.99). I love the look of layered bracelets and there are so many great designs and colours available in the Me to We Shop.

2) Anchor Friendship Bracelet ($29.99) makes a great gift or just something nice to wear to remind you of your own frienships. 

3) Beaded Button Earings ($14.99) made with handsewn glass beads. Each one is different. You can get them in eight different colours, including the multi-colour Maasai pattern.

4) Rafiki Friend Chain ($10.00). I bought a Rafiki Water Chain last year at Second Cup and I really love it. I love the glass beads and how you can wear this so many different ways: a layered bracelet, a long necklace, a short necklace. The Friend Chain is just as nice and it’s perfect (and not that expensive) to give to a friend or buy a few. Plus each purchase helps equip one child overseas for school for a year.

5) Hunger Bites TeeShirt ($34.50). Sometimes we forget what being hungry really is. Buying a shirt to support a group that’s helping to stop hunger is a great idea. 

6) Rafiki Animal Key Ring ($14.99). These are perfect for carrying your house key or even wearing on your backpack, belt loop or headband. I love the animals, especially the giraffe. You can create a whole safari with the 3 different handmade glass bead animals.

7) Track Your Impact Cards ($4.95). Even something as simple as a card can make an impact. Send a birthday card or a thank you card and the person receiving it can use the code on the back to track where the money from the card is going. You can buy some cards online and now you can also buy them in Indigo stores.

Even if you are not attending We Day this year, you can still support others through purchases from the Me to We Shop. And look pretty good too.

Sharing is Caring!