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I had recently found out about The Madonna Inn from another person’s blog post. The Inn has all sorts of themed rooms like the Safari Room or the Cave Man Room, which sounded super cool. I really wanted to go there just to get to see everything. For my birthday I was in for a surprise.

I was expecting to go on a trip to Buffalo but we flew to California. After driving a long time I thought we were going out to the middle of nowhere with no shopping or restaurants. Not a fun trip. To my surprise we actually arrived at Madonna Inn.

mystyle madonnapink steakhouse champaigncake

We stayed in the Safari Room, which was really fun, but what I really noticed was all the pink. Pink was everywhere. From pool umbrellas and cozy luscious restaurant booths to PEEP drinks and Champaign cake I loved the pink side of the Madonna Inn. I even bought a souvenirs of the Inn’s pink sugar to remember all the pinkness. These photos will give you a little peek into the pink.

mystyle madonnapink steakhouse poolumbrella

mystyle madonnapink steakhouse drink

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Sharing is Caring!

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