My Style. Last Minute Budget Gifts

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I usually get my friends Christmas gifts. The problem is I can’t spend a lot of money because I don’t have that much. That’s when I turn to DIY gift ideas and gift sets. This is great because instead of paying a lot of money let’s say $20 for each friends gift you can get some gift sets. I found three gift sets that can fit a small holiday budget.

Pholosophy Gingerbread House $$$

This set includes four lip-glosses and four bubble baths. This means you can give a gift to eight friends of one item each or you can make four mini sets with one lip gloss and one bubble bath for your four friends. This is a perfect gift if you want to give gifts to more of your friends. $42 set means 8 gifts for $5 each or 4 gift sets for $10 each.

 Phlosophy Cookie Exchange $$

Most people I know like the smell of holiday baking. The items in this set are all based on holiday baking smells, like vanilla icing, holiday cookies, and sprinkles. The set includes a lip-gloss, a hand cream, and a bubble bath, perfect for giving out to your three fabourite BFFs. $24 set means 3 gifts for $6 each.

Green & Black Organic Chocolate Minature Set $

Chocolate is always a nice gift. I love this set because it gives you three chocolate bars. Each one is a different flavour. Green & Black Organic chocolate is also very good chocolate, very good chocolate. If you limit this gift to your five favourite friends you have one chocolate left for you. $10 set means 5 gifts of $2 each or 4 gifts if you decided to keep a treat for yourself.

mystyle gifts for friends budget2

I hope this gives you some ideas when shopping for friends without using all of your holiday budget.

Happy holidays



Sharing is Caring!