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When I’m just hanging out playing video games (I’m a total Minecraft addict) I like to wear comfortable clothes that stretch with me. But it still has to look cool. Hard Candy has launched a new clothing line perfect for me.

The Campus Pull On Pants are really comfortable. They feel like they have padding on the inside; they’re nice and soft.  They don’t feel bulky like track pants but they’re not tight on you either. I like that the pants have a drawstring waste versus an elastic waste. I can adjust them without getting uncomfortable elastic marks on my waist. And no big logo anywhere. I may love the pants but I don’t need it written up my leg or across my bum.

The pants were nice but I really liked the Hi-Lo Popovers. The wide neck is perfect for wearing a tank top underneath, your sleeves kind of hang on your shoulders. I had seen a photo of these shirts, with their neon sequin patterns on the front, and I didn’t think I would really like them. But when I saw the shirts in person, I thought they were wonderful. The sequins aren’t like those party dress shirts, with the sequins sticking out, like if you brushed your hand up the shirt, the sequins would move. The sequins on these Hi-Lo Popovers are stitched down. You get the sparkle without the rustle of so many sequins. And it doesn’t feel all scratchy on the inside of the shirt. The shirt is designed to fit loose but not so loose that you feel like you’re pulling it up on your shoulders all the time. I don’t usually buy clothes with these bright colours but the colour worked with the pattern and it wasn’t too much neon. A sweet gift with each item was a little sample of the Hard Candy Plumping Serum in Life Preserver shade.

I did find the Hard Candy clothing to fit a little bigger than what I normally wear. I usually wear medium to large in kid’s clothing but I found that small size fit best. The Hard Candy Clothing line is more a Junior style in sizing than kids and you can find them in Walmart’s stores in Canada.

Their new clothing line is perfect for there fun colored makeup. For example, I love the fact that the All Glossed Up lip gloss is in the shape of a crayon. You get to actually colour your lips. Love Bite and Red Minx are my favourite shades. These would go great with their super sparkly nail polish, especially the Crush on Lava, Pee Wee Purple, Birthday Bash, Fire Flash, Gummy Green and Peach Pop shades.  Even their names are fun.

Thanks to the folks at Hard Candy for sending me some samples.

Images (l to r): Heather Grey Campus Pull On Pant, Heather Grey w/Pink Sizzle Heart Popover, Love Bites All Glossed Up, Birthday Bash Crystal Confetti Nails, and Pee Wee Purple Itzy Glitzy Nails.

Sharing is Caring!

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