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I love to style my hair but the fanciest my mom gets is a braid and I can only do ponytails. I am not a hair stylist for goodness sake! I have never been able to do fancy buns or wild hairdos but now Goody has changed that. They have come up with some amazing and fun hair accessories. I’ve picked my 5 favourite Goody accessories.

1. Bun Foundation

I love the look of hair done up in a bun. My youngest sister had a stylist do her hair in a really nice bun but it took a million bobbie pins and almost an hour to style. My mom would never be able to do that and she would never pay someone to do that unless I was attending a wedding. The Goody Bun Foundation is cool. It looks sort of like a scrub pad with a hole in the centre but in less than 5-minutes I can have a nice bun in my hair that even my mom can do. Just pop your hair through the hole and then cover the bun with your hair. So easy.

2. Double Wear

The Double Wear accessories are items you can wear two different ways. You can either get the bracelet/ponytail combination or the necklace/headband combination. You start your day wearing the band in the bracelet form. Later in the day, when the wind is blowing your hair everywhere, you can switch the bracelet over to a ponytail holder. And they aren’t boring looking plain elastics. The main part is still stretchy elastic but they include some nice sparkle or beads or chains. They look like jewelry when worn on your arm or in your hair. The necklace/headband combination is just as nice and easy to use. You can wear the headband in your hair for school and then slide it down into a necklace for after school.

3. Ouchless Elastics

Most things I do with my hair require a hair elastic. The ouchless elastics seem to handle stretching better than a regular elastic and they don’t pull at my hair when I remove them. It’s nothing fancy but since I use elastics a lot, it makes sense to use something that doesn’t pull on my hair. They come in all sorts of fun patterns and colours or just plain if you’re trying to hide them. I also love this storage case though I’m not sure if it’s available in Canada. I’m always misplacing my elastics.

4. Softies Stick-on Barrett

Softies are like hair barrettes because they can hold hair back and in place. Instead of clipping in like a regular barrette, the Softies remind of velcro with their little bristles. It’s the bristles that hold the softie in your hair. At first I was nervous to try them because I thought it would stay in your hair like gum and that they would be impossible (and painful) to get out. But they slide out of your hair so easily, without pain. You can use them to clip your hair back but I think they are best for decorating your hair. They come in fun shapes like stars, bows, and hearts, and they are colourful and sparkly.

5. Spin Pin Luxe

Instead of using a handful of bobbie pins to hold a style, you can ‘spin’ one of these pins in your hair. It’s sort of like a corkscrew that twists through your hair to hold it in place. The idea of twisting something in your hair sounds like it would twist and knot your hair but it doesn’t. It twists in and out nice and easy, without pulling on your hair. Instead of just being used to hold your hair in place, like a bobbie pin, the spin pin also adds a decorative look to your hair. The end of the pin has a decoration like a gem flower or butterfly. It looks like you have a nice clip or pin in your hair.

my style spring hair accessories picks

Everyday I have to wear the same boring uniform. Now I can add some personality to my look without breaking the dress code, and something more than just a braid or ponytail. I’m excited about discovering new things to do with my hair now that I have these easy accessories. Do you have a favourite hair accessory?


Thanks to Goody for sending over a few samples to try.

Sharing is Caring!

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