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Every year my school hosts a dance-a-thon to raise funds for school programs. Basically we choose songs and we dance to them in our gym. It’s always hard for me to find a pair of shoes to wear because most of the shoes that fit me are all pink with sparkles, and very princessey. But I found five different pairs of shoes that I loved and there’s not one sparkle in the bunch.

I love these Classic Blue and White Stripe shoes from Toms. The colour contract is really nice and from experience I know TOMS shoes are very comfortable. These shoes would be great to dance in for long periods of time.

As you can probably guess, I’m a fan of pointed flats. I’m drawn to that style of shoe. The style in these Denim Pointed Ballet flats from Old Navy is different for a shoe, having denim as the material. It’s like wearing my favourite pair of jeans but on my feet. Crazy?

These Mel Peep-Toe shoes from TopShop remind me of those fun jelly shoes. The coral colour is really bright and the bow on the toe is really cute. I think the rubber shoe would be comfortable for all my dance moves too.

These Darling Floral D’Orsay flats from Forever21 have a retro style and I love floral print. I think the buckle that goes around your ankle is super cute ;). These would be great to show off my style when I’m dancing!

I love stripes period so when I saw these Stripped Ballerina flats from Ardene I flipped! They have a great colour contrast and the ankle buckle that I love.


I love these shoes. They are not at all like the kids shoes and because of that they make me feel more grown up. Flats are also good for dancing and I plan on doing a lot of dancing. This is just my style but I want to know what are your favorite pair of shoes. Let me know in the comments down below |

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Sharing is Caring!

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