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School has officially started in Canada and what can I say…. I’m not exactly exited; however, I wanted to go back with clear skin. Now I’m not talking about some 30-step skin care routine. I actually found very easy and effective was using two spa products from Shoppers Drug Mart.

So it seems charcoal is a big thing in beauty products now. I’ve seen it in a few different products on shelves so I was interested in trying them out.


One of my biggest pet peeves has to be taking off a mud mask. I h-a-t-e it because then your towel is left with all the remains of your mask so, the Life Brand charcoal peel-off mask is perfect for me. The consistency of the mask is like thick honey and all you have to do is spread it all over your face and wait for about 15-20 minutes, When it dries it’s sort of like a rubber material making it easy to peel off. I would suggest trying to even the mask out while you’re applying it so you don’t have blotches of the mask in certain places. This stops it from drying properly in those areas. I probably don’t have to tell you but don’t forget to put you’re hair up!! The mask worked wonders on my face making my skin clearer and a lot softer.

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I’ve alwayssss wanted to try those nose strip beauty products. I’ve seen them in movies and I was just like ”wow cool”, so I was very, very exited to try Life Brand charcoal nose strips. I found that these worked very well, cleaning my clogged pores and removing most of my black heads. The strip is more like a clay so you need to have a damp area on your nose or the strip doesn’t stick.


I wouldn’t use these two products at the same time. The peel-off mask I would use every two weeks as a little spa treatment but the nose strips are more for dealing with a clogged pore issue. I’m in love with both of these products and will definitely be repurchasing! What are you’re favourite spa products to use when you’re getting you’re face to be clearer?

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Sharing is Caring!

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  1. Hi! Are you still able to buy the charcoal peel-off mask at Shoppers locations? I’ve heard about the mask recently and wanted to buy it, but I’ve looked at two different Shoppers locations here in Toronto and can’t find the mask. I can only find the charcoal pore strips. Do you know if they’ve stopped selling it? Thank you!


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