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I love Benefit Cosmetics because they do not test their products on animals, even though their products are not all natural. Although they are a big company, they still seem very friendly and have a great reputation based on the beauty bloggers I follow. So I was super excited when I received a package from Benefit Cosmetics a few weeks ago.

Eye make-up is something I am allowed to wear and I like how it looks on me so I was looking forward to trying out both the Creaseless Cream Shadow and Eyes it’s Potent products Benefit included in my package

Creaseless Cream Shadow:

mystyle benefit eyes creaseless eyecream

The Creaseless Cream Shadow comes in a cute container; It sort of looks like a pie with it’s white tray bottom and scalloped edges on the lid. Even the box has a retro cake box sort of feel. The eye shadow works very well and is easy to use. Some of my other eye shadows aren’t as smooth and look kind of clumpy on my lids. I’ve tried some other cream eye shadows before and they can be difficult to use so I was a little skeptical about Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadow. Instead it was very creamy and lightweight. It just glided over my eyelid and didn’t require a lot of application to even it out. The best part is that I cannot see the cresses on my eyelid, which is good for me. My skin is very sensitive but I had no reaction or irritation from using Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadow. This is good news for me because I like wearing it.

Eyes It’s Potent:

mystyle benefit eyes its potent

Benefit’s Eyes It’s Potent is a bighting eye cream. It is suppose to cut down on eye puffiness and the dark areas under your eyes. From my Concealer Pen post you already know that dark circles under my eyes are a problem for me. I found the Eyes It’s Potent left my under eye area refreshed, brightened and basically not feeling so tired. It did cover my dark circles a little too. I think I really just need to go to bed earlier. The glass bottle and cork-like lid of the Eyes It’s Potential brightening eye cream is so cute. I know I say that a lot but it’s true. Even the bottle has little details on it. And I had no skin reaction to this product too.

mystyle benefit eyes headshot

Benefit Cosmetic’s Creaseless Cream Shadow and the Eye It’s Potent are products I use every day. They are easy to use and I can wear them at home, going to school, just about anywhere. They’re not special occasion make-up but something I can use any day.

Benefit Cosmetics also sent me Fake Up but I think the shade was too dark for my skin. I also received the Feeling Dandy Kit but that will be a separate post. Stay tuned.

Have you tried any of Benefit Cosmetics eye products? Do you have a favourite? Is testing cosmetics on animals an issue for you?

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Sharing is Caring!