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I am a bit obsessed with lip balm so when Philosophy sent me their Vanilla Birthday Cake lip balm to try I was super excited. The whole birthday cake scent had me craving a little more cake and this is what I found.


The Vanilla Birthday Cake lip balm, the item that sent me on the hunt for all things cake, is super cool. It smells like cake and when I put it on my lips it made them shimmer and shine. It goes on smooth even though I prefer brush applicators instead of the squeeze tubes.

Of course shimmery Birthday Cake lips call for shimmery jewelry, like this Cupcake Bracelet from the etsy shop Laura’s Jewelry. I like this a lot because I can pair this with a lot of my outfits. It is handmade and it looks like an antique. It’s nice to have something not made in a big factory.


Another nice piece of cake jewelry is LIckety Cut’s black out line of a cake slice to look like a stencil. I find this very beautiful and would represent me well because I like to make my own things and make art.

mystyle cake product details


This Cupcake Beanie from Neff is probably one of my favorite items. My little sister had one of theses and I thought it was so cool. You can get different colours but I like the one with the purple icing with the blue cake on the bottom.  I like the look of these two colours together.


This Dooney and Bourke Cupcake Wristlet is a bit out of my price range but I love the bring colours and it’s small cute size. Christmas is coming soon, right?


Another favourite cake items is from a new favourite shop of mine. This Birthday Cake Soap is like washing with a little slice of sweetness. The smell is delicious. You’ll be lucky if you find this in one of their mystery bags but if not, buying a slice is worth it.

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Sharing is Caring!

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