My Style. 7 Beginner Make-Up Tutorials

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I am just getting into make-up and how to apply it. Because I am new to the concept I asked my friends and it turns out a lot of them do not know how to apply make-up either. So if my friends and I don’t know I thought there might other people needing make-up help.

I find videos are way better when I am trying to learn new things because you can see a demonstration. It made sense to look for make-up tutorial vidoes on YouTube that would help me and my friends get started. Here are 6 videos that I found helpful and I hope they help you too.

Determine Your Skin Tone

Figuring out what make-up to wear isn’t just about wearing colours you like. Your skin tone (warm, cool, neutral) can determine what colours of make-up to use. This video from BeeYouTV explains some ways to determine your skin tone.

beginner makeup tutorial skintone

Natural Eye Shadow Tutorial

Starting with the basics is good for beginners, such as this natural eye shadow tutorial from Queen of Blending MUA. It’s a natural eye shadow look you can wear everyday. This is perfect for me because I’m looking for a easy natural look that I can where out to school or with friends.

Simple Eye Shadow Make-Up Tutorial

After you’ve tried the natural eye shadow tutorial, this video from Emma Pickles gives you a subtle look with a bit of black . I would probably wear this out on special occasions. I thought this video was good because she just showed you step-by-step tutorial on quick and easy eye shadow.

How To Apply Blush Tutorial

I always thought blush was the easiest type of make-up to apply but there are so many things to keep in mind. This video From Make-Up Geek TV shows you how to apply blush , where to apply, how much you should put on and what brushes you should use depending on your face.

What to Include in Your Beginner Make-Up Collection

This video from Shaaanxo explains what you should have in your beginner’s makeup collection . Some of her products are specific to her country but the ideas she suggests are good. With so many make-up choices out there, it’s nice to get a little direction on the basics.

5 Basic Make-Up Brushes

The number of make-up brushes and tools out there is a lot. This quick video from Scandelous Beauty highlights the 5 basic make-up brushes any beginner would need to start their collection. No need to buy every brush available when you’re just starting to get into make-up.

Best Starter Brushes

Another great video from Shaaanxo talking about the brushes that are good to start out with instead of loading up on brushes you will not use. She also provides tips on taking care of your brushes.

Wearing make-up should be fun and add to your look and not knowing how to wear your make-up can have the opposite result. I hope you found these videos helpful. I’ve started compiling a Make-Up Tutorial Board on Pinterest for other ideas. If you have a great beginner tutorial or have seen one, share it below so I can add it to my board.

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Sharing is Caring!

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