Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mom

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We remind our kids that they are unique, having their own style, maybe enjoying something different than what their friends like. Sure as we get older we tend to conform a little, loosing some of the free-spirit we had as children but we’re still unique. So why should mothers all want the same thing for Mother’s Day?

I love the handmade items from my kids. Well, maybe not the items but the thought that went into them. I can see their excitement bubbling behind their eyes when they give me a spoon rest or spice rack they made at school, that’s the gift, but I won’t deny receiving a little surprise gift is a nice treat now. Especially if it’s something you like.

But what? There are so many aspects to myself, to all mothers. I’m not really a flower person but if I was to run out and buy my own gift this Mother’s Day I think some of these items would be on my list

The Foodie – Of course food has to play a part in any gift for me. I love food. Not so much cooking it but eating, savouring, enjoying it.

Mothers Day Gifts for Foodie

1. Sip and savour Shloer, an updated more grown-up version of sparkling soda. Try Shloer’s rich and fruity Red Grape or the fabulous refreshing White Grape variety. 2. Add a splash of colour to baking, drinks or salad when you grown your own Edible Flower Pocket Garden from Well.ca. 3. Show your Canadian foodie pride with a Powered by Maple temporary tattoo from etsy Canada shop Carolyn Draws. 4. Store favourite recipe clippings or just write to your friends using these stationery envelops made using repurposed cookbook pages from etsy Canada shop Paperwerx  and Encore. 5. Matcha seems to be the big thing now and this Matcha Maker from David’s Tea means you can make a cup anywhere.


The Spa Queen – A trip to the spa would be lovely and Life Experiences certainly offers a few customizable spa treats but sometimes getting away, even for a few hours can seem like a daunting task. Perhaps a little pampering at home is in order.

Mothers Day Gifts for Spa

1. Set the mood for a spa day with the Breakfast in Bed candle from etsy Canada shop Campy. 2. Settle into the tub after adding Sage Wellness Tranquility Bath Swish and (3) enjoy Brooke Davis’ Lost & Found from Penguin Random House Canada. 4. Pamper yourself after the tub using Lovefresh Guava hand lotion and the (5) Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution. Love the circular brush action on the Clarisonic, it wakes the skin right up. 6.Then spend the day lounging around in a beautiful Pip bathrobe like this Chinese Garden in dark blue.


The Fit (or at least want-to-be) – I’m not a big workout person but I am taking steps to add more fitness into my daily routine, even if it is walking the kids to and from school. I find the right tools can help motivate you to take the first step (and the next and next).

Mothers Day Gifts for Fit

1. Walk the kids to school, ride the bike or head out for a run in these super light Sketchers GoRun Bolt sneakers and the (2) New Balance fitness tonic top with built-in bra. 3. Record your progress in the FitBook and Nutrition Journal from Chapters Indigo and (4) keep hydrated with a Swell wooden water bottle from Well.ca,


The Romantic – Daydreaming and thinking of my kids, there’s a romantic side to being a mom and a few gifts that indulge that moment.

Mothers Day Gifts for Romantic

1. Try a little dab of Bliss Organic Solid Perfume from etsy Canada shop Two Blooms Design Studio while jotting down wishes, hopes, and dreams in the (2) bamboo printed journal from Margaret Rankin from the One of a Kind Shop. 3. Our children are like off shoots from us, the mother tree, perfectly illustrated in the Citrus leaf necklace from Citrus Silver. 4. Hallmark Canada knows all about the romantic side of motherhood and their memory book Your Loved Mom is the perfect way to record of what makes mom so special. Nice to create for your mom or to receive from your kids. 5. Turn any room into a sweet sanctuary with Olive Authentique’s natural Lavender oil room spray from the One of a Kind Shop.


The New Mother – There’s something special about being a new mom, changing your family from just you and your partner to a little combination of you both. Even if you’re expecting your forth child the role of total reliance is hard to explain yet worth celebrating.

Mothers Day Gifts for New Mom

1. The Canvas Baby Tote from TOMS makes a lovely gift for mom-to-be while providing a safe birth kit for another mother in developing countries. 2. Pamper that mom-to-be body with the Substance New Mom kit from Matter Company and a stylish (3) Mayana Geneviere Lorenna nursing bra from Carry Maternity. 4. Too cute to pass up, these Milestone Cards for baby from Perfectly Smitten will make memory making easy for those amazing milestones ahead.


The Entertainer – Okay, I’m not a dinner party type of person but I do love the idea of entertaining, even if it’s just the family. With the warmer weather approaching I can’t wait to spend more time enjoying outdoor cooking and drinks on the deck.

Mothers Day Gifts for Entertainer

1. A good drink (mocktail or cocktail) requires the perfect vesile like these blown glass Twisty Cup stemless wine glass from the One of a Kind Shop Kingston Glass Studio and Gallery. 2. Perhaps fill them with Ravens Wood Old Vine Zinfandel Vinters Blend and compliment them with the fun (3) bamboo Doodle coasters from etsy Canada shop Light Paper. 4. Inside or out on the back deck, set the mood with the super easy to install Philips Hue Light system and control the bulb colours right from your mobile device. 5. Family game night, sleepover or friends over for a backyard movie popcorn will be the treat of choice, especially when you serve up homemade kettle corn from this Hamilton Beach popper.


The Traveler – Ah travel. I wish I could do it all the time. I think perhaps because we don’t do it as often as we all would like, I really enjoy the moments when we do, making the most of the occasion.

Mothers Day Gifts for Traveler

1. Not your typical travel jour I Was Here encourages you to explore the often overlooked and record the unique experiences from any trip. 2. Keen is known for its footwear for the adventurous (or just those who like the outside). The new UNEEK shoes are a whole new idea behind shoe design, made to compliment the uniqueness of your foot. 3. Keep your skin refreshed with the organic skinline Pai Skincare designed for sensitive. As my skin is prone to redness I love their Instant Calm Collection. 4. My smartphone always travels with me making this compact tripod from Kenu a must have accessory for photos, videos and skyping friends. 5. Life Experiences enables you to enjoy a little adventure without your passport, like Xtreme Hummer experience or a wine tour for two. 6. Show your travel style with a Travel Map Ring from etsy Canada shop Jacaranda Designs

I’m sure I’m not the only mother who dances between moods and interests. Are you an entertainer and a traveler? Perhaps you’re the creative type or maybe the new mom (for the first or the third time, it’s still new)? What type or rather types of Mother’s Day gifts would interest you?

Sharing is Caring!

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