Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Holiday Memories Repeated

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Seeing the holidays through the eyes of my children brings back memories of my own childhood. Some of those experiences I love sharing with my own kids.

One memory is watching holiday movies. We have a few new releases but there are some holiday classics in our home movie library. Now we’ve added Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

We have watched this classic Mickey rendition of the Christmas Carol story, I’ve even included it in our Best Christmas Movie List, but we’ve always tried to catch it when it aired on the television. With the release of the 30th Anniversary Edition, I’ve now added it to our library collection so we can watch whenever we want, as many times as we want.

The 30th Anniversary Edition includes a Blu-Ray version (our main type of movie for home viewing), a DVD version (ideal for our in-car entertainment system for road trips), and even a digital copy to add to the iPads.

The 30th Anniversary Edition is still the same classic I remember, with Scrooge McDuck and Goofy version of Jacob Marley, but the picture quality has been cleaned up making it look almost new. Plus the added features include singing Christmas carols with Mickey and watching four additional Mickey holiday short animations.

It’s hard to believe Mickey’s Christmas Carol has been around for thirty years. It’s even harder to believe something I enjoyed when I was little I am now sharing with my own kids.  Do you have a holiday memory from when you were little that you now enjoy with your own kids?

Sharing is Caring!

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