Matrix for a Rushed Morning Routine

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I really am my own worst enemy when it comes to morning routines. I’m not a morning person and I never seem to plan ahead which makes for a rushed morning most days. Of course a rushed morning means sacrificing my routine. Some days having a shower is a luxury. That all changed when I tried the Matrix Oil Wonders Fast Blow Dry Oil.

An oil to help dry your hair faster? I know I struggled with the concept too until I tried it I actually had to work with it for a whole week before I became a believer but it really does work. Simply spray to my damp hair and then dry as I normally do.

beauty product picks matrix oil wonders blowdry routine

I even love the aroma as I spritz it on my hair, must be the infused Moroccan Argan Oil that the spray is infused with, not too overpowering. I haven’t timed my hair drying but I know it has me out the bathroom sooner. You know what it’s like when you do something over and over again over time? It becomes a habit; each hand moment is done automatically without thinking. At first I found myself drying my already dried hair because I finished sooner than expected. Along with my Clarisonic and my Consonant Foaming Face Wash, the Matrix Oil Wonders Fast Blow Dry Oil has now become part of my morning routine, even when I’m on the road. Plus the oil doesn’t make my hair look dark and weighty like you would thinking it would (or like I thought it would).

The Fast Blow Dry Oil is just one hair product in the Matrix Oil Wonders line. There’s products for hair care as well as hair styling and I’m looking forward to giving these a try.

beauty product picks matrix oil wonders

Anything that can help get a busy mom out the kids out the door AND still enable her to grab a shower should rightly be called a Wonder.

Sharing is Caring!