Last Minute Valentine Treats

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I love the homemade Valentine gift picks from Etsy that we shared and even the collection of handmade card crafts are pretty fun for getting the kids involved but sometimes you’re just looking for something simple yet sweet to treat those special people on your kindness list.

These are some of my favourite items that can be grabbed in a flash, no longterm planning required, without looking like a last minute gift.

Baker Street Desserts in a Jar ($3.99)

Creamy mouse, moist cake and lovely icing, who wouldn’t love to receive these personally-sized desserts, especially the rich Chocolate Truffle or the delicious Red Velvet flavours? Find them in Loblaws, Sobey’s, Metro, Pusateri’s, and more across Canada and the United States.

Last Minute Valentine Gifts IBulter Dessert in Jar

Carnaby Sweets Puffs and Lips ($0.99 & $3.99)

I’m usually not one for store branded treats but Shoppers Drug Mart’s Carnaby Sweets were a wonderful surprise at Christmas and now they have the perfect pocket-sized Valentine sweets. I especially like the Strawberry Puffs and the Sour Lips.

Last Minute Valentine Gifts Carnaby Sweets

Itty Bittys Lady and the Tramp ($6.95)

No surprise Hallmark Canada has Valentine’s Day covered. They’re a perfect pick for cards and notes to friends near and far but their Itty Bitty line is just too cute. The Lady is a perfect match for your Tramp and visa versa.

Last Minute Valentine Gifts Itty Bittys

Homemade Love ($3.00)

If you’re up to making your own homemade sweets, stamp them with love using the Cookie Press from PC Home or maybe add a little love to breakfast with their Toast Stamp (stamp the bread and then toast). Available at the Real Canadian Superstore.

Last Minute Valentine Gifts PCHome Stamps

Printable Romantic Coupons ($3.83)

Etsy Canada has so many creative gift ideas, whether for your friend, pet or kids, but a simple coupon could be the perfect gift. Just download and print these off to stuff into your husband’s lunch or jacket pocket. Surprise!

Last Minute Valentine Gifts Etsy Printable Coupon

Etsy & David’s Tea Cup Collaboration ($29.50)

As a tea drinker I know the right cup can help set the mood for your savouring experience. Etsy and David’s Tea have partnered to create a perfect mug collection to give or maybe treat yourself. The collection consists of  eight handmade pieces created by three Etsy artists, Montreal duo A+J, Toronto’s Akai Ceramic Studio, and Brooklyn based Michelle McLaughlin. Pick one up next time you’re in getting your custom tea fix.

Last Minute Valentine Gifts Etsy Davids Tea Mug

David’s Tea Love Tokens ($10)

Share the personal tea love with a free tea from your local David’s Tea shop. Whether you give the whole book of five teas or hand out a single coupon, the recipient will be thinking of you as their tea warms their hands and heart.

Last Minute Valentine Gifts Davids Tea Coupons

Remember, showing someone you care doesn’t have to be big an extravagant. Even a spur of the moment treat can be full of heart.

Sharing is Caring!