Hair Care without Pain

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Sharing is Caring!

When I was young my mom kept my hair really short. It wasn’t because I looked stunning in a ‘bowl cut’. It was because she was tired of the fits involved with brushing my long hair. Having gone through the brushing aggravation with my own two daughters’ long hair, I know the feeling but I’ve discovered a secret.

Forget tangle sprays or slow brushing techniques. If you struggle with brushing your child’s long hair you need the TangleFix brush from Goody. I know it sounds odd that the one thing that seems to cause all the hair brushing pain, a hairbrush, solves the problem. The brush itself seems unimpressive with it’s varied length plastic bristles but it’s seems to be these little, flexible bristles that actually do the brushing work without the pain.

goody hair tanglefix brushes product

I tried the brush on both my oldest and youngest daughters’ hair and not one screech or scream. My oldest daughter actually said the brush wasn’t working since she couldn’t feel any pulling, as though the bristles were only brushing the top layer of hair but not the underbelly where knots like to live, but when she brushes it again with a regular brush, there are no tangles.

goody hair tanglefix brushing

The palm handle is designed for big hands (mom) and little hands (kids). I usually handle the brushing of my youngest daughter’s hair since she always avoids brushing through the knots but getting your own kids to take care of their own hair is a big plus. My daughter can use the TangleFix brush without any problem or tantrums.

goody hair tanglefix brushes

So it looks like the scissors and bowl will go away for a while. My girls can still keep their long hair knowing that they can take care of it themselves and without much fuss. I wish my mom had a TangleFix brush or something similar when I was a kid but then I wouldn’t have these awesome headshots to look back on.

tanglefix brush childhood haircut2-1

Thanks to the folks at Goody for letting us try the TangleFix brush. I know own two, one for each daughter.

Sharing is Caring!