Family New Year’s Fun with Disney

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Hanging out with Mickey and friends in Walt Disney World or Disneyland would be a great way to start the New Year but that’s not a possibility for us this year. Instead we’re bringing a little Disney to our in-home family New Year’s Eve party.

Disney Infinity 2.0

We loved the original Disney Infinity, sharing 10 game features that families will love, so you can imagine our excitement when Marvel Super Heroes came to Disney Infinity 2.0.

Family New Year’s Fun with Disney Infinity

Play some of our favourite Marvel Super Heroes like Thor, Iron Man and Black Widow as you battle Loki. There are even new features in Toy Box making it easier to create your own worlds. I especially love some of the premade sets giving the kids something to inspire their creative imagination. Even characters from the original Disney Infinity as well as some Disney Original characters can play in the 2.0 Toy Box along with Marvel Heroes. Imagine Hulk and Tinkerbell working together or Grood and Sorcerour Mickey creating a world. Disney Infinity only allows two players at a time but it’s a game the whole family can get into, whether being creative in the Toy Box or completing missions in the game world.

Family New Year’s Fun with Disney Infinity Galaxy

Having watched (and loved) the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie this holiday, we’re all pretty excited to add the Guardians of the Galaxy play set to our Disney Infinity 2.0 fun.


For added fun, rumour has it that families with the new Walt Disney World Magic Bands can unlock extra features on their Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box. Now I need to grab myself one of these bands to try this out.

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

From battling evil to orchestrating music, Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved takes you into the magical world of Fantasia and gives you the power to create music. Ever imagined yourself in Sorcerer Mickey’s role, making things happen with a swish of your hand? Family New Year’s Fun with Disney Fantasia Music Evolved You can in this game using the Kinect on XBOX 360 (our game system) or the XBOX One. I love the Kinect for game play. We’re big fans of Harmonix’s Rock Band games so imagine the fun when adding a little Disney into the mix. Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved is a fun way to add music into the family party.

Frozen Sing-Along Edition

Taking a break from game play and transitioning into our New Year’s Eve movie marathon picks, watching the film Frozen seems like a natural pick. I think my kids know the whole movie by heart, especially the songs, but the Disney Frozen Sing-Along Edition is perfect for those sing-song fans who need a little lyrical help.



This New Year’s Eve we bring our own entertainment. Frozen sing-along fun anyone? You’re up next.

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The whole movie plays, not just the song moments, but when a song sequence does start, the lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen making it easy for everyone to join in. If it’s really on the songs you want, you can choose to jump to them from the menu. My youngest loves that the digital version of the movie, which means she can watch (and sing along) to the film on her iPad whenever she wants. And she does this often.

So we may not be headed to Magic Kingdom this New Year’s Eve but Disney seems to have found a way to entertain us and celebrate the end of the year right in our living room.

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