Everything Fabulous: Yoga for Kids

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Yoga can help you physically, by improving strength, flexibility and co-ordination. It can also help you mentally, training yourself to relax and focus. It’s no wonder we see more classes offering yoga for kids; many schools have even worked yoga for kids into their existing gym programs. Even if your child doesn’t attend yoga classes, we’ve found some Fabulous tools for your little yogis.

Yoga for Kids: Yoga Cards

EF_yoga_for_kids_cardsIf you’re looking at just adding a certain pose into your child’s routine, to help wake them in the morning, calm them in the evening or teach relaxation techniques, Kid’s Yoga Deck from Raincoast Books is great. They include a simple illustration on the front with instructions on the back. The cards also suggest ways to practice and take yoga understanding and knowledge beyond just the practice on the cards. $17.95 Cdn

Yoga for Kids: Yoga DVD

EF_yoga_for_kids_DVDYoga DVDs enable your child to learn yoga techniques and poses at home in a fun way. Scooter and Me gets kids moving using through a series of 9 stories about a boy and his scooter. The story is told and re-enacted by a teacher and followed along by a group of kids (age 3-7). Kids work on their body, mind and heart in a playful way. $44.95 US for each 3-disc set.

Yoga for Kids: Yoga Book

EF_yoga_for_kids_bookSterling Publishing’s Personal Trainer: Yoga for Kids provides older kids with step-by-step instructions on how to strike certain poses. Along with photographs of kids making the move, there is a description for added guidance. The book starts off with basic poses and moves on to more complicated ones. There are also partner poses that kids can work on with a friend. $9.95 Cdn

Yoga for Kids: Animal Yoga

EF_yoga_for_kids_animalsThe Alberta SPCA has developed an Animal Yoga worksheet (pdf) that provides a connection between animals and kids. The sheet offers a plan for adding yoga and animal understanding for kids from kindergarten to grade 6. It’s obviously designed as part of a school curriculum but it could easily be used for at home practice. Free

Sharing is Caring!