Everything Fabulous: Water Toys for Water Fun

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This has been one hot summer and we’re only at the halfway point. Instead sitting inside with the AC cranked, listening to the kids whine about the heat, send them out to get wet. Try cooling down with these water toys for a little water fun.

Water Toy Fun: Super Soaker

water_toy_fun_super_soaker_copyGet ready for massive soaking action! This powerful, pump-handle Super Soaker Hydro Cannon from Hasbro fires a water stream to drench your targets from a distance — up to 35 feet away! Pump the handle 20 times for maximum drenching. And make sure you add the detachable blaster shield to protect yourself from incoming water blasts, so you can march right through them to victory! Water blaster comes with blast shield. ($29.93 Cdn)

Water Toy Fun: Water Fight Shield

water_toy_fun_captain_america_shieldGet a water battle going in the backyard with balloons, sponges or shooters, like the Super Soaker Hydro Water Cannon, but make sure you’re protected from in-coming water streams. Toss on your superhero with Hasbro’s Captain America Flying Shield from Toys R Us, to stop water and toss at your enemies to disarm them. ($9.99 Cdn)

Water Toy Fun: Sprinkler

water_toy_fun_sprinklerRemember the fun of running through a sprinkler when you were a kid? The Spin Sprinkler from Canadian Tire is ideal for water toy fun for little ones. This 6in diameter transparent PVC sprinkler attaches to a standard garden hose giving kids a fun ring of water to run around, through or just hang-out in the centre. ($19.99 Cdn)

Water Toy Fun: Splash Bomb

water_toy_fun_speed_soakerKeep the kids occupied with this two player water-soaking Splash Bombs Speed Splash from Mastermind Toys. Requiring two players, each player tries to zip a water soaked sponge along the zip line to the person at the other end. The faster you zip, the wetter you get. ($9.95 Cdn)

Water Toy Fun: Disney Water Slide

water_toy_fun_Disney_water_slideWater slides are a great way to have water fun. Canadian Tire enables you to bring the water slide fun home with Disney’s Toy Story 3 themed water slide. Kids will love sliding down a 15 ft sprinkling slippery slide, splashing into a shallow pool at the end where Buzz and Woody are waiting. ($14.99 Cdn)

Water Toy Fun: Hot Wheels in the Tub

water_toy_fun_hot_wheelsHot Wheels will keep your little race fans entertained while keeping them cool, whether in the backyard pool or in the tub. This Sea Serpent Island Playset at ToysRUs floats on the water and lets you race cars down the serpent’s back into the water. For added water fun, the serpent’s head sprays and rotates 360 degrees. Playset comes with one vehicle. ($29.99 Cdn)

Sharing is Caring!