Everything Fabulous: Walking Shoes for Fitness and Toning

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When I become a mom my regular exercise routine was quickly replaced with taking care of my kids. We walk to school. We walk to the library. We walk to a friend’s house for a play date. Why not get more of a workout with all this walking by tossing on a pair of these Fabulous shoes.

Champion Fitness

walkingfitnesstoningshoes3The curved sole on these Champion Fitness mary janes create a natural heel-to-toe rocking motion that encourages muscle toning. The rubber sole adds maximum durability while the breathable mesh offers comfort. $39.99 Cdn

Avia Avi-Motion iburn

walkingfitnesstoningshoes1These light weight, breathable mesh shoes will get you from home to school in comfort. The iburn, one of three toning shoes offered by Avia, mimics a healthier style of walking, similar to walking in soft sand. $89.99 Cdn

Skechers Shape-Ups

walkingfitnesstoningshoes2Skechers Shape Ups are engineered to promote weight loss, while firming and toning muscles. For added resistance training on your walk, Skechers Shape-Ups are designed with a Kinect Wedge super soft foam midsole to absorb shock and provide exercise. The rigid heel provides added support and stability. $119.95 Cdn

Clarks Wave Cruise

walkingfitnesstoningshoes4You don’t need to wear a sneaker to reap the benefits of walking. The Clarks Wave Cruise is a stylish mary jane available in 6 different colours. The Clarks Wave shoes are designed with a unique curved sole that helps the foot roll smoothly for effortless walking, reducing fatigue and enhancing comfort. $139.98 Cdn

Fit Flop Mukluks

walkingfitnesstoningshoes5A new arrival in Canada, Fit Flop is designed to help tone and tighten your leg muscles and absorb more shock while you walk in them. This means less ache in your hips and knees too. Along with shoes and clogs, Fit Flop technology is also available in boots like the Mukluk, perfect for the colder weather ahead. $220.00 Cdn

MBT Goti

walkingfitnesstoningshoes6The curved sole and naturally unstable design of the MBT activates your muscles instead of undermining them. MBT’s curved sole recreatesthe natural feeling of walking barefoot on soft sand, working various muscleswhile maintaining a relaxed, upright posture. MBT technology is available insneakers, sandals, casual shoes and boots, like these Goti Black. $425.00 Cdn

Sharing is Caring!

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