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Like so many other moms I started running, encouraged by my oldest daughter. I have found starting something can be easy when you’re full of dreams, ambition, and enthusiasm. Once the novelty of your new venture wears off, it’s easy to get discouraged and stop. I’ve found a few items that have kept me motivated to keep running.

Running Motivation: The Clothes

fabulous running motivation easytoneThere’s something about changing clothes to run that gets my mind behind what I’m about to do. The Reebok EasyTone Capri and the EasyToone Long Bra provide support where I need it and the resistance technology adds to my overall workout feel whether I’m running or walking. When I put these on I’m ready to hit the pavement running. You can’t beat that for motivation.

Running Motivation: The Shoes

fabulous running motivation sketchers gorunWhen running I worry about my knees and ankles so having a good running shoe is important. Skechers isn’t a brand that would instantly pop into my mind but that all changed when I tried their GORun sneakers. These things are incredible light and you can feel that when running and your legs are getting tired – there’s no heavy weight on your foot. Skechers GORun shoes are designed to mimic the barefoot experience (a big thing now it seems) but with cushions to provide impact protection. The integrated anti-microbial sockliner is great for those wanting to run sockless but I love my Puma low cut socks . I love the comfort without the material stretching above my ankle

Running Motivation: The App

fabulous running motivation zombies run appPerhaps it’s my geek in me but running to music on its own gets a little boring. I need a purpose, a goal, and what better goal than avoiding zombies and helping to fortify a village of survivors? I’m talking about the Zombies Run app. I’m ‘runner five’, dropped in the middle of zombie territory and connected to base by my headphones, I’m sent on mssions to collect supplies to bring back to base all while avoiding zombies. New missions open up as you complete previous ones. Base talks you though your mission and the app tells you what you’ve collected. Oh, and you can hear the zombies when they get close. You’re music can be iintegrated within the game too, like radio music the base plays to keep you entertained and focused. The best part is at the end of your run you can assign the supplies you collected to various parts of your compound. This is a great way for me to remember my warm down; I do this as I walk after my run. So much better than music (to me) and just think how prepared I’ll be when zombies really do take over.

Running Motivation: The Bottle

fabulous running motivation brita bottleI’m trying hard to increase my water intake to boost my energy and for my overall health. Of course being a beginner runner helps with this; I drink a lot more water than I use to. The Brita Bottle, a personal drinking bottle with a built-in filter, helps. Fill the bottle from the tap or a water fountain and filter built into the spout filters the water before you drink it, reducing the chlorine taste and order. The bottle is BPA-free, top rack dishwasher safe (though I hand wash mine) and the bottle as well as the filter is recyclable. My daughter has even put it to the leak test with great success.

Running Motivation: The Recovery

fabulous running motivation arnica5 recoveryBeing new to running (and not as young as I use to be) I’ve been using parts of my body that I haven’t used in a long time. I think that’s the case with any new physical activity you do. For those moments I’ve been using the A535 Arnica rub, containing naturally sourced 15% amica Montana extract, a herbal medicine used to help relive pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. There’s no greasy white residue and it doesn’t have the traditional Rub A535 aroma. There’s even a spray version it you’re not a rub kind of gal.

Running Motivation: The Cause

fabulous running motivation run for cureThere are many reasons why people start running: to improve your health, to grab some time to yourself, to prove you can do it, or because your friends convinced you to give it a try. I started as a way of encouraging my daughter. These are all great reasons for starting but sometimes you need an end goal to keep going. For me, it’s committing to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure. My daughter and I will be running our first 5k race in September. This means preparation, which means running. What more do I need to be motivated?

The bottom line, if you have just started running be patient. It’s not about how fast or how far you go but that you are going. That alone should make you proud.

Sharing is Caring!

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