Everything Fabulous: Rise and Shine Alarm Clocks

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Some people are morning people, up before the sun even has a chance to peek over the horizon. Then there are the rest of us. Not to worry. We’ve found some Fabulous alarm clocks to help motivate you to toss the comforter aside and hop out of bed.

iHome+Sleep Alarm Clock

AlarmClock1If you have an iPhone you probably use it for everything. With the new iA5, iHome’s first app-enhanced alarm clock, you can use it to wake you in the morning too. Fall asleep or wake to you favourite tunes on your iPhone (works with your iPod also). With the sleep app, available FREE from iTunes, you can create Sleep Cards, storing your bedtime and wakeup settings. $99.00 Cdn

Tocky Rolling Alarm Clock

AlarmClock2Forget just hitting the snooze button with the Tocky alarm clock. Like it’s predecessor Clocky, the Tocky alarm clock jumps off your nightstand when the alarm goes off and rolls around the room until you find it to turn off. You can upload your favourite MP3 track to hear or record your own message with the built-in microphone. Available in four different colours. $89.95 US

Shape Up Alarm Clock

AlarmClock3If you’re having difficulty squeezing your workout into your morning routine, the Shape Up alarm clock might help. There’s no hitting the snooze button with this 1.5 lb dumbbell shaped alarm clock. To turn this alarm off you need to do 30 bicep curls. $33.95 US

Puzzle Alarm Clock

AlarmClock4Looking to get the kids out of bed and ready for school then the Puzzle Alarm Clock by Island Dogs might do the trick. Similar to the game Perfection, when the alarm goes off the puzzle pieces go flying. To turn the alarm off, kids have to scramble to find the pieces and put them back in their correct spots. There’s no going back to bed after that. $24.95 Cdn

Wake-Up Light

AlarmClock5Not a fan of being jarred awake? The Philips Wake Up Light alarm clock gradually intensifies the light is emits, mimicking the sun rising in the morning. Light slowly intensifies 30 minutes prior to your pre-set wake up time. You can also use the Wake-Up Light to gradually drift off to sleep with a dusk setting. FM radio and 4 wake up sounds are also available. $199.99 Cdn

Wake-Up CAlls

AlarmClock6Whether your on vacation at the cottage, at a hotel for business or just sleeping at home, Snoozester enables you to schedule your wake-up calls on your mobile phone; your wake-up calls will follow you. And with the SecureAwake feature your calls will happen multiple times until you answer the phone and acknowledge you are awake. $3.99 US/month for 35 credits

Sharing is Caring!