Everything Fabulous: Night Lights for Kids

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Now that the days are getting shorter, your child’s bedroom might be darker when it comes time to going to sleep. For some kids a dark room can conjure up all sorts of imaginary creatures hiding in nooks and crannies. One of these Fabulous night lights might make falling asleep a little easier, on everyone.

Solar Power Moon Jar

nightlight1Like fireflies in a jar, this Solar Power Moon Jar evokes a feeling of lazy summer nights. Since these lights are charged by solar energy there’s no need to have an outlet near by or a long extension cord; they can be placed anywhere in a room. After charging it for 6-8 hours in direct sun, you’ll have a night light good for 5-6 hours. $12.64 Cdn

Glow in the Dark Starry Sky

nightlight4Bring the outside in by creating a star filled night sky right on your child’s ceiling. Wonder Stars glow in the dark stars includes 50 stars in a variety of sizes. Using the included adhesive putty mount the Wonder Stars throughout your child’s room. Turn off their lights and their once dark room is now aglow with starlight. $8.99 Cdn

Rainbow in My Room

nightlight3Forget sleeping under a night sky filled with stars, how about sleeping under a rainbow (pot of gold not included). Uncle Milton’s Rainbow in My Room projects a full colour rainbow across your walls and ceiling from a little device that sits on your nightstand. Turns on with a button and shuts off automatically. Moon in My Room is also available. $27.99 Cdn

Mobi TykeLight GloMate

nighlight5The Mobi TykeLight GloMate is like your child’s friend. Shaped like a little buddy, this portable nightlight is child-friendly with it’s easy to grab design and safe heat-free LEDs. The rechargeable light glows for up to 10 hours on one charge. It can also be removed from its charging base and be taken anywhere. The built-in dimmer gently fades the light after 15-minutes as the child sleeps but just pick it up from its base and it can turn back on if needed. $29.99 Cdn

My Snuggly Pal Scout

nightlight6A nightlight doesn’t have to be just a nightlight. LeapFrog’s My Snuggly Pal Scout gives your little one a buddy to snuggle with and learn first words, counting or just listen to a lullaby together. When it’s time to sleep, kids can clutch My Snuggly Pal Scout close to them as the moon helps them fall asleep with its soft glow. $19.99 Cdn

Good Nite Light

nightlight2Perhaps the Boogieman isn’t what’s keeping the kids up at night. Some kids need help transitioning from morning to night to morning. With the Good Nite Light a moon illuminates at nighttime for an hour and then dims to a subtle glow until morning where it changes to a bright sun. The built-in timer enables you to program when nighttime starts (when the moon glows) and when daylight begins (when the sun appears). $34.99 US

Sharing is Caring!