Everything Fabulous: Minimalizing and Going on the Road

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Sharing is Caring!

Some days I sit here, feeling over whelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ we’ve accumulated as a family. My husband and I daydream about donating it all, selling the house and taking the family away from the stress of living in the city and keeping up with the Jones. It seems I’m not the only one who feels this way. We found some Fabulous families that have mustard the courage and taken the leap on the road. Checkout these blogs to follow their incredible journeys:

The Happy Janssens


roadbloggers1In 2005 the Janssens were living in a small, 1-bedroom hotel room for about 4-weeks on business. During this stay they realized how happy they were living a simpler life in the small space together. In 2007 sold their house and left their jobs and started out on their first journey, traveling the country powered by straight vegetable oil, and the now family of four is off again, with no plans to stop anytime soon. Their blog, The Happy Janssens, has some amazing photos and a map so you can see where they are now.

Cage Free Family


roadbloggers2Feeling overburdened and controlled by possessions, this family of 6 (1 mom, 1 dad, 2 kids and 200 lbs of dog) give up their house and six-figure salary to discover what’s really important; to experience the difference between want and need. Their blog, Cage Free Family, chronicles their journey and experiences of living a simpler life.

We Choose this Life


roadbloggers3Sometimes when a family member’s job takes them on the road, it’s just easier to take the whole family along too. That’s the story behind this traveling family of 7 (mom, dad and 5 kids under 7). They left their home and sold and gave away a lot of their possessions and bought an RV. Read their blog, We Choose this Life, to discover how hitting the road together is going.

Living Free


roadbloggers4Some people would become depressed when laid-off or turn around and start looking for a new job. Not Joe and Jeanne. Instead they looked at it as an opportunity to live out a dream. Now they travel the country with their daughter, free to live off the grid, bartering their services for what they need and volunteering. You can follow along on their blog Living Free.

Walkabout with Four


roadbloggers5Instead of waiting for the right time to get out and travel, this family of 4 made the time right for them, moving from a 2 acre homestead to a 28’ trailer. Their goal: to explore and discover the world around them, free themselves from being controlled by possessions, learn new skills and contribute to the world around them all while living a more natural lifestyle. Along with following their journey on their blog Walkabout with Four, they also have a collection of nature inspired greeting cards, based on photos from their trip, that you can purchased on their site.

Looking for my inspiration from other traveling families, checkout the website Families on the Road.

Sharing is Caring!