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Understanding and using math is a skill kids will use every day of their life but learning math can be a challenge for some kids. Math games are a great way for kids to learn new skills or reinforce the ones they already know. We found a few Fabulous math games that your kids are sure to want to play again and again.

Math Games: MathDice Jr.

Math_games_kids_math_diceWe have always been a fan of ThinkFun and the games they produce. They get kids to think in a fun way and MathDice Jr is just like that. Kids roll a target dice and then try create that number by adding and subtracting the face values of the scoring dice. Kids will love discovering how numbers work together and it’s a great game the whole family can play together. For older kids, there’s the original MathDice that extends math skills to include multiplication and division too. $7.99 US

Math Games: Count and Scan Shopper

Math_games_kids_count_scanBefore kids can start adding and subtracting numbers, they need to know their numbers and what they represent. Leapfrog’s Count and Scan Shopper combines learning with pretend play. Armed with a scanner, kids can discover the number of bananas in a bunch or eggs in a carton just by holding the scanner near the play food items. Kids will have fun pretending to shop while learning numbers and colours. $29.99 Cdn

Math Games: Math Lines

Math_games_kids_math_linesIf you’re looking for an online addition game, Math Lines is great. Similar to the Webkinz Smoothie Moves game concept, kids have to shoot numbers to create a pair that equals 10. But you have to be quick and clear all the numbers before the line reaches the hole. Free (requires flash)

Math Games: Caterpillar Count

Math_games_kids_caterpillar_countTVO Kids has a whole collection of fun, free educational games for kids under 5. Caterpillar Count helps kids with number recognition and order. Kids move around the screen and grow their catepillar body by collecting the numbers in the right order up to 15 but watch you don’t run into any other insect friends while traveling around the screen. Free

Math Games: Coin Combo

Math_games_kids_coin_comboTVO Kids isn’t just for preschoolers. The online game Coin Combo makes a connection between numbers and currency. Kids are given an amount and they need to click on the appropriate coins to equal that amount ($0.05, $0.01, $0.25). Learning addition by using coins will help them with their addition but also in understanding the value of coins when they are added together. Free

Math Games: Disney Pixar Cars 2

Math_games_kids_cars2With the new Leapfrog LeapPad, kids can enjoy their own tablet experience with educational games designed just for them. Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 encourages your child to help Mater and McQueen capture the bad guys by using addition, graphing, patterning and other math skills. $29.99 Cdn

Math Games: U-Build Connect 4

Math_games_kids_ubuild_connect4Math isn’t just about counting and adding. Thinking strategically is also key. Hasbro’s has taken it’s classic Connect 4 game to a new customized level with U-Build Connect 4. Users have to think strategically where to place their checkers to get four in a row, plus now with the customized bumper bricks, each game is different. $19.95 Cdn

Math Games: Solitaire Chess App

Math_games_kids_solitaire_chess_appAnother great math game from ThinkFun is Solitaire Chess and now you can play it on your smartphone. Based on the rules of chess, the game is easy to learn but a challenge to play. Move your player in the least amount of moves possible, leaving only 1 piece on the board. There are 400 different challenges broken into easy, medium, hard and expert. You can download a free version with less levels but once you start playing you’ll want to grab the full version $2.99 US

Math Games: Count Caddy

Math_games_kids_count_caddy_appOne of my favourite preschool app developers is zinc Roe  (they’re Canadian). Count Caddy invites little fingers to drag and count along with Jinja the cat, Robin the bird and Harvey the dog. The design is clutter-free making it easy for kids to use. As the kids drag and count by ones, twos and threes, animal friends offer encouragement at each successful level. $1.99 US

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