Everything Fabulous: Learning to Tie Your Shoe

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When kids head to school they are required to become a little more self-sufficient; we as parents won’t be there to help them with their zippers or buttons or washing their hands so our job is to help them master these skills on their own. Another independent skill is learning to tie their own shoes. We found these Fabulous tools to make learning this skill fun.

Pop-Up Shoe Book

TieShoes1In DK Canada’s board book Lace Up, kids can practice their lacing skills, a first step to tying their shoe. The sturdy board book pages contain exercises such as stitching a scarf or matching hats that require kids to lace the provided shoelace through small holes cut into the pages. The front part of the book is a pop-up sneaker that enables kids to practice lacing through the reinforced holes and tying the shoe at the end. $9.48 Cdn

One, Two, Tie My Shoe Lacing Cards

TieShoes2This kit from Alex includes 4 brightly coloured foam shoes to lace and tie-up with the 4 laces provided. Their compact size makes it easy to slip into a bag or place on your child’s lap or table for easy practice. $9.99 Cdn



Wooden Lacing Sneaker

TieShoe3This 3-dimentional wooden lacing sneaker from Melissa and Doug is almost like working on the real thing. Kids will enjoy threading the colourful lace through the sturdy holes and tying the finishing bow at the top. $18.99 Cdn


Tie Buddies

TieShoe4Sometimes holding the lace loops can be more of a problem than tying the bow, especially when you’re just leanring. Tie Buddies not only take care of handling the loops but with the fun character tiles on their laces, it’s also easier to actually tie the bow. all a child needs is an extra hand when it comes to learning to tie their shoes. The titles stay on the laces but their fun patterns make them look like decorations versus a training tool; they come in with a fairy and wand pattern (girls) or a green and red race cars (boys) They come in a variety of patterns adding a fun element to your child’s shoe when it is tied. $8.99 US/pair

Fake Lace Shoes

TieShoe5Like with every milestone, each child learns and achieves them at different stages in their lives. Even if you’re little one hasn’t quite mastered the shoe tying phase, their shoes don’t have to give them away. These Smartfit sneakers from Payless have elastic laces up the front, giving them the shoelace feel. The Velcro strap at the top adds to the fit. $14.99 US (available in Canadian Payless stores too)

I Can Tie My Own Shoes Certificate

TieShoe6When your child does master this difficult task, and they will, why not show them how proud you are with their achievement and print out this congratulations certificate (pdf) that you can fill in or create your own. FREE


For other great tips on teaching your kids to tie their shoes read the article in our Back to School section: Fit to be Tied; Tips on Tying Your Shoes.

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