Everything Fabulous: How to Go Green with School Supplies

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First it was new clothes and backpacks. Now that school has started, the requests for paper and pencils and crayons and more paper won’t be far behind. We found some Fabulous how-to-go-green products when it comes to your child’s school supplies.

How to Go Green: Crayon Rocks

how_to_go_green_crayonsThese pebble-shaped crayons are made of natural soy wax from renewable soybeans grown in the USA, allowing them to glide across the paper smoothly, like pastels. Their shape makes it easy for small hands to use and express themselves through colour. Each natural cotton drawstring bag holds 16 vibrant colours. $9.50 Cdn

How to Go Green: Wopex Pencils

how_to_go_green_pencilsWoodpex pencils from Staedter are produced with wood from sustainable managed forests and the production process is stated to be completely solvent-free. The pencil also has a non-slip, velvet soft surface making it easier for kids to grip. Available at Staples stores.

How to Go Green: USB Flashdrive

how_to_go_green_flashdriveFlashdrives are a great way to transfer files and images from one machine to another or to a photo frame or printer or other device. Computers are becoming commonplace in schools and the Centon Green Datastick is a greener way of transferring their computer work. Its casing is made from environmentally friendly recyclable aluminum and the packaging is made of 100% recyclable materials. Plus 1 tree is planted with every purchase through ChariTREE Foundation (Canada) or Plant a Tree USA. $39.99 Cdn (8GB)

How to Go Green: Pencil Case

how_to_go_green_pencil_caseKids have used drink pouches in lunch bags for years but their not very environmentally friendly. Terracycle has created cool upcycled products like this fun Capri Sun Drink Pouch pencil case. The case is made entirely from individual drink pouches that have been stitched together. $3.09 Cdn

How to Go Green: Notebooks

how_to_go_green_notebookWhether it’s for homework, a school journal or just for doodling, notebooks are always on the back to school shopping list. These Sustainable Earth notebooks are made with paper from80% sugarcane plant fibre waste, meaning fewer tress are cut down. The spiral binding makes it easy to use both sides of the paper and you can chose a variety of earthy cover designs. $4.27 Cdn

How to Go Green: Indoor Shoes

how_to_go_green_sneakerIt’s not just the schoolbooks and lunch bags that are going green this year. What about an eco-friendly gym or indoor shoe for your kiddos? The wool on the outside of these Carport Elastic slip-on sneakers from Simple Shoes is made from recycled wool from wool sweaters found at thrift shops from around the world. $60 Cdn

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