Everything Fabulous: Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

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You’ve got the goodies for the trick-or-treaters and pumpkins for your jack-o-lanterns but what about costumes? The kids can’t decide but they want something cool. But what? Well we found some Fabulous homemade costume ideas that are fun, unique and creative for you to checkout.

30 Kids Costumes

halloween_costume_1I’ve seen costumes ideas on sites or magazines but I’m usually not creative enough to figure out how to translate the idea from paper into the final thing. If you’re like me then checkout Kaboose’s collection of fun kids costumes with full instructions on how to make them, including a rating system on how easy or hard they are to make.

8 Costumes Kids Can Help Make

halloween_costume_2_Who said it has to be moms job to make all the Halloween costumes? Why not involve your kids. Martha Stewart has 8 great costume ideas with a colour photo as a reference and notes on how to make them. Or maybe one of these ideas will spark your child’s creativity and they’ll come up with something completely unique (and made by them).

Quick Costume Ideas

Halloween_Costumes_3We all have good intentions on making that spectacular princess costume or the Spiderman outfit, but sometimes time and money gets away from us. That doesn’t mean your kids have to go out costumeless. Some of the best costumes require things found in your closet. This list of quick costume ideas from Halloween.com will get you thinking.

8 Face Paint Ideas for Kids

Halloween_costumes_4Halloween masks can be dangerous for kids, making it hard for them to see where they are going so some parents have opted for a little face paint. A white ghost face or funny clown face can be easy but if you’re looking to get a little creative checkout these 8 Halloween painted faces from Reader’s Digest. Along with a great colour photo to work with, they provide instructions on how to achieve the perfect spooky affect.

Sharing is Caring!