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Summer means sundresses and shorts and bathing suits. It also means hair removal. The winter months enable us to cover up but now it’s time to shed more than just the clothing layers. When it comes to how to remove hair there are a number of options available:

How to Remove Hair: Shaving Method

How_to_remove_hair_shavingThe shaving method is a quick way to remove unwanted hair by cutting the hair on the surface. If you’re looking for a non-powered razor, the Schick Intuition Renewing Moisture Razor is fun and practical. Its colourful handle is easy to hold with an ergonomic design and the built-in moisturizer means no shave gel required. ($16.29 Cdn)

Electric razors are also a great shaving method, especially the rechargeable Philips Double Contour Sensitive Ladyshave. Used wet or dry this razor is great for a complete shave or quick touch-ups. ($79.99 Cdn)

How to Remove Hair: Cream Method

How_to_remove_hair_creamAn easy way to remove unwanted hair is with a hair removal cream, like Nair‘s Shower Power Max Pump. Pump the water-resistant cream into your hand and smooth over the area you to remove the hair from. Wait 1-minute for the cream to activate and then jump in the show. While you’re washing your hair, the Shower Power Max hair removal cream is working. Just wipe it off before getting out of the shower. It promises to leave your legs hair-free days longer than a traditional shaving method. ($15.99 Cdn, available at mass, drug and grocery stores)

How to Remove Hair: Epilator Method

How_to_remove_hair_epilatorUsing an epilator may take longer than a shaving method, but your shave will be closer and last longer. An epilator removes hair from the root, leaving your skin smooth for weeks, not days. The Philips Satinelle Soft Sensitive Total Body Epilator contains everything you need for an at-home hair removal session, from washable shaving head attachments, exfoliating glove, ice glove and even a handy storage pouch. The epilator method of hair removal is slightly more painful than the shaver method but you don’t need to do it as often and with each session your hair grows in lighter and the process is less painful. Plus you can do touch-ups when needed on your own time without the high spa cost. ($69.99 Cdn)

How to Remove Hair: Waxing Method

how_to_remove_hair_wax_methodThe waxing method, like an epilator, removes hair at the root not the surface. Traditionally the wax is spread over the skin you want to remove the hair from then a cloth or paper is pressed on top of the wax and ripped away, taking the wax and hair with it. I prefer going to a spa to have someone handle the waxing (less mess and I never anticipate the pain).

However, there are waxing methods that can be done at home with products like the Nair Au Naturel Milk & Honey Wax Roll-on. Formulated with 85% moisturizing sugar (to moisturize the upper layer of skin), the Nair Au naturel Roll-on Wax coats the entire hair with a roller and microwave-heatable wax, promising to leave you smooth for up to 4 weeks. This method tends to be a little messier as you need to wait with the wax on your legs, but it is cheaper than a professional doing it and the 10 included cloth strips are washable, ready for your next treatment. ($14.95 Cdn).

How to Remove Hair: Handling Touch-Ups

hair removal touchups facial trimmerSometimes your unwanted hair just isn’t that co-operative. Even after you think you thuroughly took care of everything, there’s always a stray hair or two (or twelve) that seems to appear just before you’re about to head out. Panasonic‘s Touch-Up Body Shaver is designed just for these last minute inconveniences. It’s gentle on the skin and removes to surprise hairs for a close shave.The head swivels from a standard ‘T’ shape for arms and legs, to a ‘I’ shape for back and hands. No water is required and the cover makes it something easy to carry in your bag for last minute touch-ups anywhere.

For more delicate trims, such as on your face or shaping your eyebrows, Panasonic also has the Percision Facial Hair Trimmer. Featuring washable, detachable blades, the trimmer targets small areas such as eyebrows and upper lip with painless operation. ($39.99 Cdn each or $79.99 Cdn when bundles together with Panasonic’s Heated Eyelash Curler).

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