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The battle between good and evil; spectacular spaceships and strange new planets; it’s no wonder so many people are enthralled with the Star Wars saga. And with the recent re-release of Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace (in 3D), the inner Jedi was stirred in many little (and big) fans. We’ve found 6 fun things to keep that feeling alive.

Class I Figher Pods

star_wars_podsRemember gogos? The new Fighter Pods are like a Star Wars equivilant. A mini set comes with four mini rubber-like figures and two clear pods. One figure can fit into a pod or clip on top of the pod, then strike your opponant by spinning or rolling your pod. You can even buy sets that include a ship to launch your pod. Battling aside, they can be used for individual play and kids will want to collect all the mini figures. $9.95 Cdn

Phantom Menace Visual Dictionary Expanded

star_wars_phantom_menace_dictionaryFor kids (and some adults) it’s not just about watching the movie. They want to know everything: the character details, weapon information, secrets about the spacecrafts and droids. Now they can have easy access to all the details in DK’s Phantom Menace Visual Dictionary Expanded. $15.99 Cdn

The Jedi Path

star_wars_Jedi_PathIf your youngling truly has the Jedi gift, The Jedi Path will give them incites into how to become a Jedi. Labeled as ‘A Manual for Students of the Force’, this ancient manuscript will let you in on some of the Jedi’s secrets. Plus you can benefit from those who have gone before, reading notations made in the book by Luke Skywalker, Yoda, even Darth Sideous. $17.44 Cdn

Darth Maul Double-Bladed Lightsaber

star_wars_double_lightsaberLightsabers are sinominous with Star Wars. The handles may be different and the blades various colours but they’re all relatively the same. That is until Phantom Menace and we’re introduced to Darth Maul’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber. Now kids can practice their best spins and jabs with their own version. Play with both blades out or just one side. But be warned, dad will probably take this one over, especially when he finds out when both blades are extended, this lightsaber can span five feet. $29.99 Cdn

Star Wars XBOX Kinect

star_wars_kinectI’ll admit, even though it can be a little fussy, I love XBOX Kinect as a gaming platform. It’s especially fun for family gaming (we highlighted a few of our favourite new releases earlier this year). With Star Wars Kinect, players can become the Jedi. Toss things at stormtroppers, fight with your lightsaber, even jump into a Podracing event. With 1 – 2 player modes, this is bound to be a fun game to play at home. Now for a lightsaber battle to see who gets to play first. $49.99 Cdn For the super fan, you can even budle it with a Star Wars themed XBOX gaming system (pretty cool) $449.99 Cdn

Darth Maul Me

star_wars_darth_maul_appNot sure if the Jedi path is for you? Join the dark side with the Darth Maul Me app (free). Give yourself Darth Maul’s glowing eyes or transform your face completely. All that’s needed is a photo and your path to the dark side will be complete. Free





Sharing is Caring!

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