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Heading to Blissdom Canada this week? You probably have all your basic essentials packed: sensible shoes, all your social media apps for your smartphone (AppHipMom shares a few here and Momicon shares a few on her EverythingMom blog here), your costume for the party, your business cards, and a change of underwear. But Blissdom Canada is more than a conference; it’s about having some fun too. So why not grab some fun accessories too

Fun Blissdom Accessories: Laptop Bag

what_to_bring_blissdom_bagIt’s a social media conference so you’re probably packing your laptop for the trip. Forgo those boring bags for toting around your prized possession. Try a handmade laptop bag with personality from Canadian company Track and Field Designs. You can pick one up from the Toronto funky shop Scout in Roncy. $53.00 Cdn

Fun Blissdom Accessories: Merit Badges

what_to_bring_blissdom_badgeWhether this is your first conference or you’re a conference veteran, just attending and putting yourself out there can take a little courage. You should be proud of who you are and your distinct personality. Show off your uniqueness with one of Lee Meszzaro’s Merit Badges. My personal favourit is the Merit Badge for ‘dancing to the beat of your own drum. Pick one you feel outlines your best accomplishment after this conference. You can find some of these up at Roncy’s Scout $27.00 Cdn

Fun Blissdom Accessories: Crossword Bio.

So you didn’t get around to printing business cards for the conference but you want to let people you meet know more about you? What about a bio crossword puzzle? This website will create a crossword puzzle using up to 20 words. Choose your key words and a hint and the program will create your own custom crossword. Could be a fun way to share some interesting things bout yourself and your blog. Just print out the finished puzzle on your end on small postcards and hand them out. Free

Fun Blissdom Accessory: Mighty Wallet

what_to_bring_blissdom_walletWhether you’re heading out with friends for lunch or checking out the conference party scene, you don’t want to be bogged down by a big bag (you need your hand free to hold your drink and your smartphone). Mighty Wallet is 100% eco-friendly, tear-resistant, water-resistant and is designed to expand. Let’s not forget the variety of funky designs you can get. Perfect for holding your ID when you’re carded (cuz you will get carded right?), your business cards and some cash. You can pick one up in Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario gift shop. $16.95 Cdn

Fun Blissdom Accessories: iPhone Case

what_to_bring_blissdom_iphone_caseYou have multi-tasking down to a science now, shouldn’t your iPhone case be just as talented? This retro Calculator iPhone cover from Fred & Friends provides a hard protective case to your phone while adding a fun, functional calculator to the back. Express your inner geekness with pride. You can find this in Toronto’s Magic Pony shop.$15.00 Cdn

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