Everything Fabulous: Family Game Night

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With homework and soccer practice and swimming lessons and other after school activities it can be hard to find time to sit down and have fun as a family. Pick a free night on your calendar and mark it as Family Game Night. Now sit back and let the fun begin with these Fabulous games the whole family can enjoy.

Rocket Race (4+)

FamilyGameNight3A 3-Dementional moon is the gameboard in Rocket Race by Tactic. Each player spins the wheel to move their astronaut around the board in the hopes of being the first one to reach the rocket and blast off. But be careful you don’t land on a space with an air-jet that will shoot you back to the beginning. Kids and adults alike will like this no batteries required, interactive game, especially when you get to shoot the rocket off at the end. $34.99 Cdn

Play-Doh Toy Time Race (4+)

FamilyGameNight1You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy playing with play-doh, at least in our house. Now Hasbro’s new Toy Time Race game combines game play with play-doh fun. The fun starts even before the game begins as each player gets to create their own game piece from different play-doh shape molds. Then you work your way around the mat to the finish but make sure to avoid the ‘recycler’ which could squish your game piece and send you back to the beginning. No need to worry about lost game pieces too. Have a can of play-doh, just make more. $19.99 Cdn

Scrabble Flash (8+)

FamilyGameNight2Building your families vocabulary or working on spelling skills has flashed into fast fun with Hasbro’s Scrabble Flash. Slide, move and shuffle the 5 compact, digital cubes into a line to spell as many words as you can in under 60-seconds. The Smart Title Technology recognizes the words you create as you attach the tiles and keeps score. $29.99 Cdn

Getta Gripp (3+)

FamilyGameNight4Get your family away from the table with Getta Gripp from OgoSport. Play parents against kids, boys against girls, this team game has you working against the timer to connect the various grips between your team members bodies. And the order you have to use the parts changes each game play adding to the crazy fun. $39.99 Cdn

Stormy Seas (3+)

FamilyGameNight5Try a little hand-eye co-ordination and balancing fun with Hape’s Stormy Seas game made entirely of bamboo. Each player takes turns loading the various cargo on the ship as it precariously balances on the waves. $39.99 Cdn

Q-Bits (8+)

FamilyGameNight6MindWare’s Q-Bitz offers 3 different types of visual challenges appealing to a variety of playing styles. Each player has their own set of multi-patterned cubes which they use to recreate a design on the card provided, they roll their cubes to try and find the match, and they create the pattern from memory. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this fun game. $29.95 Cdn

Robo Champ (6+)

FamilyGameNight7If you have kids you’re probably familiar with Lego. Heck,you probably even own a set or two. Lego now takes it’s construction fun intofamily game night with new constructible games like Robo Champ. In this gameplayers race each other to build their robot first. You have to roll the die toget the parts you need and sometimes you need to steal them from other players.With a buildable die and adjustable rules, you can construct the type of gameplay you want making the possibilities of fun endless. $12.99 Cdn

Sharing is Caring!

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