Everything Fabulous: Cool Locker Accessories

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The one things that really stood out for me when entering high school was getting my first locker. The locker was the first place you went in the morning and the last place you left at the end of classes. It stored all your gear and books and schedule. It was the place to meet your friends. It was where after school and weekend plans were made. The locker became a central place and was a status of growing-up.If you have a high school bound child, here are a few locker items to get them set for the year ahead:

Fancy Lighting

CoolLocker3You need to be able to see what’s in your locker but it’s also your social hangout. Why not get a light that with personality like this pink chandeliere light from the Pink Superstore. $15.00 US

Locker Lighting

CoolLocker9If fancy’s not your thing, this LED Motion Activated Locker Light from Globe might do the trick. The light turns on when you open your locker and turns off after 40 seconds of detecting no motion. It lasts up to 100,000 hours and is a safe, cool-to-the touch lighting source. Includes velcro strips for easy hanging. $14.49 Cdn.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

CoolLocker1Check that you don’t have toast crumbs on your face with this magnetic mirror. The four storage compartments are great for holding a hairbrush, lip balm, elastic bands and extra pens and pencils. Plus the small photo frame gives you a place to hold a picture of you and your best bud. $7.95 Cdn

Brighten Up with Wallpaper

CoolLocker2You can forget the drab gray locker greeting you every morning with Twilight Bloom Locker Wallpaper. This self-adhesive wallpaper is designed to fit a standard locker size but can be cut if needed. And when the school year’s over it comes off easily and cleanly. $7.99 Cdn

Spring Time Freshness

CoolLocker4Gym shoes, forgotten lunches, wet homework, after a while your locker can start to smell a little rancid. These Bright Air Liquid Air Fresheners will keep your locker fresh for up to 60 days. Infused with natural oils, assorted fragrances are available. $2.99 Cdn/2 pack

Sew This

CoolLocker6Nothing is more embarrassing then having a button pop off in the middle of class. A handy sew kit in your locker can fix that in a snap. This limited edition kit includes all you need plus a portion of the kit’s sales will go to support kiva. $22.00 US

Organize with Shelving

CoolLocker5Your locker holds a lot of stuff from gym shoes to lunches to school text books and more. With the Locker Shelf system you can organize everything. It’s quick to put together and can be customized to fit your locker requirements. $14.99+ Cdn

Magnetic Reminders

CoolLocker7Whether it’s a reminder about that chemistry test tomorrow or a message from your locker mate, Reminder Magnets from Magnetic Poetry can help you remember. This school related collection of word magnets can sit inside your locker. $5.95 US

DIY Inspiration

CoolLocker8You want to add a personal touch to your locker, make it your own, but don’t know where to start. Checkout Decorate Your Locker by Klutz. It includes photos for inspiration and is full of non-permanent decorating ideas to meet every personality. $11.69 Cdn

Sharing is Caring!