Everything Fabulous: Chill Out

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The sun is out. The BBQ is smoking. You’re afternoon in the backyard would be great if it wasn’t for your luke warm drink bringing you down. We’ll turn your frown upside down with these fun ways to keep your drinks chilled.

Lego Brick Ice

chillout1What boy doesn’t love Lego Bricks. How about floating in his water. This silicone ice tray freezes up to 10 Lego bricks. For added fun try freezing colourful juices to get different coloured bricks. They may not be available in Canada (yet) but they might be worth keeping your eye open when visiting your nearest Lego store. Made by Lego

Ice Princess

chillout2bYou’ll create a special kind of magic with these wands. Two freezer-safe straws (included) transform icy stars into wands fit for a princess. Additional ice stars can be made to float in her royal brew. Made by Fred & Friends, $7.95 US

Fillable Ice Fish

chillout8Watching fish can be so tranquil. These refillable ice fish can bring inner peace to your drink without watering it down. And since they are refillable rubber molds, you can add a few drops of food colouring for a more dramatic affect. Made by GamaGo, $7.50 US

On the Rocks

chillout4Perhaps you’re looking for something more natural. This set of 6 granite discs, handmade by New England artisians, is ideal for chilling your drink without watering it down. Simply chill and place 1 or 2 stones in the bottom of your glass. They come with a hardwood tray for easy freezing. This brings a whole new meaning to having a drink ‘on the rocks’. From Uncommon Goods $30.00 US

Frosty Cocktail

chillout5For a frosty take on your cocktail, try these insulated martini glasses. They’re double walled and filled with a food-safe freezable liquid. Just pull them out of your freezer, frosted and ready to go. From Bed, Bath and Beyond, $17.99 Cdn (set of 2)

Fill and Chill Shot Glasses

chillout6You can forget the glasses all together with these. The silicon mold will make 4 ice shot glasses. Fill with water or try using a favourite juice. Add a whole new taste to your cocktail experience. And when you’re done, leave them in the garden to melt and water the plants. Made by Fred & Friends, $12.95 Cdn

Afternoon Iced Tea

chillout7If you’re making a large pitcher of iced tea or lemonade to share you might prefer this pitcher from Bormioli Rocco. The seperate cylindar in the center holds ice to keep your drink cold. The cylinder ensures the ice is distrubuted through the whole container and keeps the water from the melted ice seperate from your drink. From Kitchen Stuff Plus, $9.99 Cdn

Sharing is Caring!