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Whether you spell the holiday Hanuka or Chanuka, every Jewish child loves this holiday, which takes place December 1-9 this year. There is something special about lighting a candle every night, enjoying potato latkes and of course, receiving presents! When I was growing up, we received a little gift each night and I now continue that tradition with my children. Remember…the gift is LITTLE; it could be something as simple as a bouncy ball. However I try to find a few gifts that are related to the holiday. Here are a few Fabulous Chanuka gift ideas.

Jewish Themed SillyBandz

Everything_Fabulous_chanuka_Hanukkah_gifts_1JewlyBandz adds a Jewish twist on the SillyBandz craze offering a pack of 24 bands in Chanuka shapes like a manorah and a dredeil. $5.95 US .

Happy Hanukkah Cookie Kit

Everything_Fabulous_chanuka_Hanukkah_gifts_2Cooking and baking are a big part of the Chanuka celebration. This Happy Hanukkah Cookie Kit from Me Myself and Us comes with everything you need to make festive and delicious cookies representative of the season. $8.50 US

DIY Bath Fizzie Kit

Everything_Fabulous_chanuka_Hanukkah_gifts_3This kid friendly craft kit from Kiss Naturals is like two gifts in one. Kids will enjoy making their own bath fizzies in 4 easy steps and when they are done, they can enjoy using their creation in the tub. No worry about using the stove since any required heating is done in the microwave. $14.95 Cdn

Chanuka Velvet Art

Everything_Fabulous_chanuka_Hanukkah_gifts_4For your artist they might enjoy celebrating the season by colouring a Chanukah Velvet Art piece depicting a menorah. Coloured markers are included. $4.99 US

Haunukkah Puzzle

Everything_Fabulous_chanuka_Hanukkah_gifts_5Celebrate the Festival of Lights with this magnificent menorah puzzle from Blue Apple Books. This 36 piece, double-sided puzzle features artwork from Hanukkah Haiku and is stored in a Star-of-David shaped box. $12.91 Cdn

Happy Chanuka!

This week’s Everything Fabulous post was compiled by guest blogger Victoria Weiss.

Sharing is Caring!

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