Everything Fabulous: BBQ Essentials

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Warm weather means everyone is spending more time outside. Riding bikes in the neighbourhood. Swimming at the local pool. Picnics in the park. We even move from cooking in the kitchen to cooking over coals in your backyard. Before warming up the grill, check out these Fabulous BBQ accessories and tools.

Fire Wire Flexible Skewers

firewireThese flexible grilling skewers are longer than a traditional skewer and offer more flexibility when it comes to placing your kabobs on the BBQ. Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers are made of 100% food grade stainless steel. They’re also dishwasher safe (top rack) making them a breeze to clean. $14.99 Cdn

Ono 100% Natural Wood Charcoal

OnoCharcoalMore and more people are moving away from gas and propane for the natural taste of charcoal. Ono Charcoal is 100% all natural hardwood charcoal meaning it lights faster, burns hotter and reduces environmental pollution. The wood used to make Ono Charcoal is not milled or processed so there’s no chemicals added to your cooking. $21.99 Cdn

Grill It: Recipes, Techniques, Tools

GRILL_IT_PAPERBACKThe beginning of Grill It covers what fuel to use, how to cook different types of food, how to tell when things are cooked and other great tips. From there you go into tasty recipe after tasty recipe, broken out by food types. There’s even a section on sips and sweets. Each recipe includes glorious full colour photos to make your mouth water. Throughout the book there are Flavour Footprint pages that covering different areas of the world and providing some great rubs, pastes, relishes and more. Now in paperback $16.46 Cdn

BBQ Light

bbqlightWhy limit your time at the grill when just the sun is shining. With this cordless clilp-on stainless steel light you can be out past dusk and still see what you’re cooking. This lamp features four LED bulbs that last 500,000 hours so they never need replacing. The flexible 18” neck gives you the freedom to adjust the light right where you need it and with 3 AA batteries there’s no loose cord to trip over. $42.99 US

Butter Boy (or Girl)

butterboyIf you’re using the BBQ, you’re probably cooking corn on the cob. And nothing tastes better then BBQ-ed corn on the cob then BBQ-ed corn on the cob with melted butter. Slide a stick of butter in the bottom of the Butter Boy, pop his head off and roll the butter on. No messy knives or butter dishes. $8.99 Cdn

Marshmallow Toaster

Battery_Operated_Marshmallow_ToasterForget burnt fingers or flaming marshmallows when you use this mechanized rotisserie-style marshmallow toaster. You can roast 3 marshmallows at a time as the battery-powered motor gently rotates the marshmallows for even browning. Made from durable stainless steel construction and ergonomic handle for comfort and control. $19.95 US

Travel Q Portable BBQ

Travel_Q_portable_grillBBQ-ing doesn’t have to just be in your backyard when you have the Travel Q portable BBQ from Napoleon. Folds up compactly and comes with ergonomic carrying handle. It sets up in seconds, is easy to clear with a removable grease tray and uses a standard portable propane cylinder for fuel. Let’s not forget its fun orange colour. $199.99 Cdn

Sharing is Caring!