Everything Fabulous: 7 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

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Spring is here and with it comes fluctuations in temperatures; one day it’s warm and sunny, the next there’s snow on the ground. This can be a little difficult to adjust to, especially if it becomes an open invitation to the cold bug invading your home. We found some Fabulous ways to deal with the sniffle, sneezes and shakes, naturally.

Cold and Flu Butter

Natural_cold_flu_remedy_1I discovered Rocky Mountain Soap Company on a recent trip to Calgary and one of the items I have tried (and love) is their Cold and Flu Butter. Made with natural beeswax and natural essential oils, this stick rubs on your chest to help calm coughs, open airways, and relax a constricted chest while calming your body for a much-needed sleep. 

Minty Igloo Tea

Natrual_cold_flu_remedy_2A warm cup of tea can be a welcoming relief when you feel the chill from a cold coming on. Nourishtea is all-natural, premium loose teas from the finest growers across the globe, supporting estates that are sustainable, ethical and abide by fair labour practices. Try Nourish Tea’s Minty Igloo loose leaf peppermint herbal tea for a fresh minty taste without the caffeine. 

Rescue Bath Gem

Natural_cold_flu_remedy_3If a cold has got you down, a warm bath can feel wonderful. The Rescue Bath Gem, also from Rocky Mountain Soap Company, can take that feeling one step further by adding the affect of eucalyptus and chamomile flowers. Drop this disc into the tub and enjoy a minute of fizz then inhale deeply. 


Natural_cold_flu_remedy_4The name may be a mouthful but this homeopathic medicine from Boiron does the trick when you feel the flu coming on. It’s available for both adults and kids. Toxin-free with no artificial ingredients, there’s no need to worry about unnecessary medication in your body. 

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Natural_cold_flu_remedy_5Sinus pain and pressure caused by a cold or flu can be uncomfortable and also make it hard for your to rest, what you’re body needs most. Warm Buddy’s Aromatherapy Eye Pillow contains flax seed along with a blend of pure lavender flowers, peppermint, chamomile and rose geranium. Warm the pillow in the microwave to provide you with soothing, penetrating heat and aromatherapy (can also be used cold). Comes in a variety of custom fabrics to suit your style. 

Neti Bottle

Natural_cold_flu_remedy_8You’re nose is a filter system for your body, catching debris, particles and allergens we inhale every day. Waterpik’s Neti Bottle is a way of washing out your sinus passages to help reduce the risk of cold and allergy symptoms. Each squeeze bottle includes 60 soothing saline easy-pour packs with eucalyptus oil and aloe vera extract. Unlike other medicated options, this all-natural treatment is easy, safe and without side effects. 

A Handcrafted Quilt

Natural_cold_flu_remedy_7Remember when you were little and your mom wrapped you up snug in a quilt and took care of you? Like chicken soup, a beautiful homemade quilt can not only keep you warm but also bring back memories. I love this Summer Night Indigo and Green Floral Rag Quilt by West Coast Quilts. Even when you’re feeling gray, these colours will put you in the pink. And now you can start working on those same sick day, warm quilt memories with your own kids. 

Sharing is Caring!