Everything Fabulous: 7 Healthy Kitchen Gadgets and Tools

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So you’ve resolved to cut back on sweets and eat healthier. Great idea! The better you take care of your body, the better it will take care of you. For me, starting down the road to healthy eating is easy; avoiding shortcuts and side roads that can lead me astray, that’s much harder. To help, we’ve found some Fabulous kitchen gadgets and tools to keep you on the path.

Miden Range Top Grill

Fabulous_Healthy_kitchen_gadgets_1Just because you’re BBQ is covered in snow doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of a good grill. The Minder Master Range Top Grill fits right over most standard raised electric, gas, propane burners and looks like a mini-BBQ right on your stove. The added heat shield helps evenly cook your food, plus it deflects grease which drips into a trough to avoid flareups. Clean-up is a snap; just toss it in the dishwasher. $99 US

Bobble Self-Filtered Water Bottle

fabulous_healthy_kitchen_gadgets_2Drinking water, tap water, is easy, healthy and free. In fact it’s recommended you drink eight-8 oz glasses of water a day; that works out to about 2 litres. But sometimes the taste of tap water can be a deterrent. The made in the USA Bobble water bottle has a built-in filter to ensure great tasting water with each sip. Plus it’s portability means you can take it with you on the walk to school, when working in the office, or have it beside you when soaking in the tub. Purchase the 1 Litre size to monitor easily how much water you are drinking. Fill and drink the contents of the 1 Litre size twice a day and you’ve met your desired water quota. $12.95 US

Fruit Infusion Pitcher

fabulous_healthy_kitchen_gadgets_3If plain water, even filtered, isn’t enough to get you to drink. Maybe this fruit infusion pitcher from Prodyne will sweeten up your interest. Fill the rod in the centre of the pitcher with your favourit fruit and place in the pitcher full of water. The slits in the rod ensure the water and fruit mix naturally. Pour your water or refill the pitcher without replacing the fruit each time. $24.95 Cdn

Measure Up Bowl

fabulous_healthy_kitchen_gadgets_4Eating good food is important but how much you eat also matters. Forget filling your bowl to the rim. The Measure Up Bowl enables you to figure out just how much cereal or yogurt or trail mix you’re eating by way of the marked grooves on the inside of the bowl. Now you can control your portions easily as part of a healthy eating routine. $19.99 US

Microwave SmartSteamer

Fabulous_healthy_kitchen_gadgets_5Now you can get steamed vegetables from your microwave with Tupperware‘s SmartSteamer. Instead of cooking the food, the container is designed to focus the microwaves at the water tray below for perfect steaming. The two-tier design means you can steam two types of foods at the same time. A quick and easy healthy option for lunch or dinner in a flash. $173.75 Cdn

Poach Pod

fabulous_healty_kitchen_gadgets_6Eggs are known to contain many essential vitamins and minerals and eating them poached, without cooking in oil and butter is a healthy way to enjoy them. Fusion Brands Poach Pod is a non-stick container enabling you to quickly and easily poach an egg either on the stove or in the microwave. When the egg is ready, just flip it out. It’s that easy. No more excuses about no time for breakfast. $14.99 Cdn for a set of two

Ace Your Health

fabulous_healthy_kitchen_gadgets_7Sometimes starting a new healthy living routine can seem daunting, especially if you’re trying to change some engrained habits. For some this overwhelming feeling can be enough for them NOT to make a change. Registered nutritional consulting practitioner Theresa Albert doesn’t think it needs to be that way, that a healthy lifestyle is attainable for everyone, one step at a time. Her new book Ace Your Health. 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck offers 52 weeks of simple steps toward a healthier you. Along with her book you can sign-up to receive her weekly newsletter with helpful advice and great recipes. $29.95 Cdn

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