Everything Fabulous: 6 Royal Wedding Souvenirs

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We talked about it. We planned parties around it. Some of us even woke up early to watch it. I’m talking about the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. The day has come and gone but we found 6 Fabulous souvenirs to keep the memories fresh in your mind.

Royal Wedding Souvenir Knitted Dolls

Royal_Wedding_Souvenir_knited_dollsRecreate the royal wedding party, including Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince Harry, the Archbishop of Canterbury, a variety of wedding guests plus, of course, the happy couple themselves – and even a corgi. The book Knit Your Own Royal Wedding Party has 70 colored photos throughout and even includes a Westminster Abbey backdrop to display your knitted creation. But don’t be surprised if your kids start playing with them. $21.00 Cdn

Royal Wedding Souvenir Paper Doll

Royal_Wedding_Souvenir_paper_dollAlways wanted to have a princess wedding? Happy Thought’s Kate Middleton Royal Wedding paper doll printout is certainly a cheaper alternative. Provided as a PDF that you can print and use. Includes wedding dress and veil plus stand up Buckingham Palace & Westminster Abbey as well as Royal Wedding colouring sheets. $8.00 US

Royal Wedding Souvenir Greeting

Royal_Wedding_Souvenir_PostcardYou can remember the Royal Wedding with each latter you send when you use Canada Post’s commemorative stamps. The Royal Wedding Keepsake Kit includes a souvenir stamp sheet (with one domestic and one international Royal Wedding stamp set on a background of Westminster Abbey), a Royal Wedding Souvenir postcard you can keep for yourself or send to someone else, plus a Royal Wedding Postcard, addressed and ready to be sent to the Royal Couple. $4.95 Cdn.

Royal Wedding Souvenir Comic Book

Royal_Wedding_Souvenir_comic_bookEven before the wedding, bookshelves were flooded with books about the couple. Kate and William, A Very Public Love Story offers a different take, telling the story in comic book form. And who knows, maybe this will be worth the same amounts the the original Spiderman comic book. $12.52 Cdn.

Royal Weddng Souvenir Printed Tote

Royal_Wedding_Souvenir_toteHere’s a Royal Wedding souvenir that is more than just decorative; it’s useful. This canvas tote bag from House that Lars Built includes a wonderful illustration of the royal wedding procession. So much nicer than most of the Royal Wedding bags available. $22.50 USD.

Royal Wedding Souvenir Scrapbook Kits

Royal_Wedding_Scrapbook_kitIf you enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding with your kids, why not capture the moment in a scrapbook. Galt’s 2-part scrapbook printable gives kids pre-designed pages to fill-in with details of the Royal Wedding, with the last few pages designed for them to talk about their own future wedding plans. For a more grown-up design, try Graphixshare for this Vintage Scrap-kit Royal Splendor Scraps or Digital Scrapbook Faves’ A Royal Wedding Blogtrain minikit. Both are Free.

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