Everything Fabulous: 5 Versatile Carry-On Bags

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Whether you’re just heading to the grandparents for the weekend or overseas on an extended holiday, if you’re flying with kids a carry-on bag is a must. But with everything you have to bring and the restrictions being enforced by many airlines, finding the perfect bag can be tough. We’ve found some Fabulous carry-on bags for you to checkout. Make sure to check with your airline for their specific carry-on rules.

Crumpler Spring Peeper (S)

Fabulous_Travel_Carryon_Bags_5The Spring Peeper duffle style bag from Crumpler is big enough to fit in your essentials while still small enough as a carry on to fit on the plane. The inside is open and roomy but also has 2 mesh pockets (one which is a ‘wet pocket’) for keeping handy items close at hand. This duffle bag is tough and lockable and has both handles and a detatchable shoulderstrap for carrying. The bright colour means you’ll have no problem finding your bag in the overhead compartment either. $149 Cdn.

Zuca Pro

Fabulous_Travel_Carryon_Bags_1Forget digging around in your carry-on. The Zuca Pro comes with 5 colour-coded packing pouches plus a TSA approved toiletry pouch makes it easy to find the things you need. Plus it has a built-in seat for your or your little one when one isn’t available in the airport. Beats sitting on the floor. $285 US


Fabulous_Travel_Carryon_Bags_2Each passenger on the plane is entitled to their own piece of carry-on luggage. Instead of trying to cram everything into your bag why not let kids have their own. Along with being cute, the Trunki is designed for kids to sit on so you can pull them through the airport and avoid the ‘my legs are tired’ cry. $49.99 Cdn.

Patagonia MLC

Fabulous_Travel_Carryon_Bags_3The soft-sided Patagonia MLC (Maximum Legal Carry-On) can hold up to 3 days worth of clothing so you don’t need to worry about baggage pick-up on quick getaways. Outside pocket for travel documents and the inside compartment opens like a book making it easy for packing and unpacking. Carry it like a briefcase, as a shoulder bag or backpack. $200 Cdn.

Eagle Creek Vagabond

Fabulous_Travel_Carryon_Bags_4Forget digging through your carry-on bag for your boarding pass, passport and ID. The Vagabond from Eagle Creek has convenient pockets and pouches making it easy to get at what you need. All these sub pockets mean items won’t get lost and leaving the inner pocket free for bigger things like a snack, stuffie or maybe an activity book for the kids. $89.99 Cdn

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