Elizabeth Grant Exclusives for Aging Skin

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I’ve never had the best skin. I’m sure part of that can be blamed on lifestyle choices — not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep – but some of my skin condition is hereditary. As I get older these issues either seem more pronounced or they just bother me a little more or perhaps a little of both.

 The Canadian company Elizabeth Grant focuses on producing luxury skincare products with powerful anti-aging properties. Based on my skin condition, a ruddy redness due to rosacea, I was sent both the SOS Gold Rescue Cream and the Supreme Essence of Torricelumn to try, both part of the Exclusives line.

The SOS Gold Rescue Cream comes in a small jar but that’s not an issue as you only use a few dabs on your skin. You can use it in the morning or night though I got in the habit of applying it just before bed. The cream contains the patented Torricleumn compound that started the Elizabeth Grant Company. This is designed to hydrate and moisturize your skin to give it a smoother and firmer look. The Gold in the name is from the 24carat Gold ingredient added to boost your skin’s radiance. The cream is light, not feeling sticky or greasy, and a little does cover quite a lot. Although I like the design of the packaging the lid started to fall apart soon after I received the product. I know the price isn’t based on the cream’s container but there is some expectation for quality and this lid design disappointed.

While I used the SOS Gold Rescue Cream at night, in the morning I used the Supreme Essence of Torricelumn. As you can tell by the name, this product is based on the Elizabeth Grant’s famed compound. This cream also contains ingredients such as shea butter, Japanese green tea, and natural soy, as well as collagen. This pump-based product also only requires a drop or two to cover your face and neck.

I tried these two products with specific skincare needs in mind, addressing my skin’s ruddy surface and redness. I can’t say for certain that I’ve noticed much difference in the redness though I have only been using the product for about two weeks. The whole before and after scenarios are really hard to gage as I’m not doing a scientific test but I do think my skin has appeared a little less rough. Areas where I’ve had aging from smiles and frowns don’t seem as pronounced. Hiding lines has never been a big priority but it does give the appearance of healthier and younger skin, which isn’t a bad thing. As I’ve been using these two products together I’m not sure if the result is driven more by one over the other or using them in combination, like a tag team.

This has been my first time using Elizabeth Grant products. Besides the issue with the SOS Gold Rescue Cream lid I do love the packaging for the products, adding to their higher dollar value appeal. The fact that you only use a little of each will extend the life of the products so it doesn’t feel like you’re buying a new batch each month. I love that the products don’t leave a greasy, sticky residue like some other products I’ve tried. I also love that Elizabeth Grant is a Canadian company and that they don’t test anything on animals, opting for other testing options.

Thanks to the folks at Elizabeth Grant for sending these along for the purpose of this review.

Sharing is Caring!