David’s Tea Makes Summer Iced Tea To Go Easy

Warmer weather means switching from hot tea to iced tea and thanks to David’s Tea its even easier. Their tea press means you can brew your favourite tea, add ice and go.

I put the press to the test and absolutely love it:

I did discover that adding water to the fill line isn’t just a suggestion but a recommendation to avoid overfill when you add the ice. The tea press did a great job and has sealed beautifully without leaking when taking it to work.

What better way to enjoy iced tea than with some of David’s Tea Summer Iced Teas collection. I have only tried Pom Diggety and Luscious Watermelon but loving them both. Neither one is too sweet (I’m not a sweet tea fan) but for a touch of sweetness add an Organic Agave Stick to your tea.


The iced tea press is easy to use and with a no-leak lid, the press is perfect to toss in my bag to take to work in the morning.

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The warmer weather just got a little more refreshing with my new iced tea press and summer tea flavours.

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