CLIF Bars for Urban Adventure Kids

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We may not be big into traditional sports, but we like a little adventure when we travel. An urban adventure also calls for energy, especially where kids are concerned.

Energy Bars for Kids

The folks at CLIF Bar sent us a few items for our many urban adventures. To be honest, I’ve always thought of CLIF Bar as a supplement for athletes, like their CLIF Builder’s high-protein bar or the traditional CLIF Bar energy bar. But did you know about CLIF Kid Organic zBars? These are perfect for active kids, offering the right portion of fibre and whole grains for kid-sized bodies and made with organic oats from Canada. Plus, you won’t find artificial flavours, high fructose corn syrup, and other items found in many kids’ snacks available today.

These bars would have been perfect to toss these into our day pack during our summer urban adventures in Chicago (IL), Huntsville (AL), and Nashville (TN):

clif-bar-urban-adventure-chicago-bp-bridge image

clif-bar-urban-adventure-huntsville-lowe-mill-art-market image

clif-bar-urban-adventure-nashville-riverfront-park image

clif-bar-urban-adventure-chicago-navy-pier image

clif-bar-urban-adventure-huntsville-mars-rock-wall image

The bars themselves may not look like much; they’re not like those traditional lunchbox-ready granola bars, but my kids loved these. Walking around the art market, exploring the streets or a new city, even rock wall climbing can be a great way to discover new adventure when traveling. Having the CLIF Kid Organic zBars on hand meant keeping energy levels high in a good way.

Of course for us parents, there’s also the CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar for a little on-the-go energy that moms often feel a little tapped out on.

I hope to have a few more urban adventures with the family ahead and will have to add these bars to our mix.

This post was sponsored by CLIF Bars, but all opinions and experiences are my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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