Caring for Dry Lips in Winter

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The hot sun and lack of moisture in the air makes summer a very dry season but for me winter is actually worse. The warm air from heaters in the car or buildings coupled with the cold, drying air outside reeks havoc on my body, especially my lips. Then I tried Polysporin Visible Lip Health.

Polysporin isn’t new in our house. Each night during bath time my kids display their badges of honour, the scrapes and cuts they earned being kids. Polysporin sits in our medicine cabinet for those extreme badges. Now Polysporin wants to treat your damaged lips too.

It’s not unusual for me to be hit with really dry lips, to the point of cracking and bleeding at times, and it’s uncomfortable and not a pleasant sight. I had the chance to try the Polysporin Visible Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy as well as the Polysporin Visible Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy over the holidays and it did help to repair my damaged lips. The creams aren’t all fruity flavoured so there’s no worry about licking it off or wanting to reapply constantly (yes, I’ve done that). They feel like you’re applying petroleum jelly because you sort of are, according to their ingredient list (Petrolatum is the main ingredient). It’s not an overnight cure for chapped lips but by the second night I could see and feel the difference (the packaging states you’ll see a marked improvement when used over three days).

I will continue working toward improving the health of my lips by drinking more water and applying lip balm, especially during the winter months, but for really chapped lips I’ll pull out the Polysporin.

Sharing is Caring!

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