A New Way to Dry and Style Your Hair

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I don’t talk about many beauty products but if it’s a device that’s going to make a mom’s life a little easier I’ll be sharing. The morning is my most time crunched time, even more so since heading back into the office to work. When I heard about the Revlon One-Step Ionic Hair Dryer and Styler I was eager to put it to the test.

Some people can let their hair air dry but my hair is deceptively thick, holding a lot of water. Over drying my hair can also make it a little frizzy. According to Revlon, the One-Step Ionic Hair Dryer and Styler not only dries your hair faster (50% faster style time), it does so with less hair damage.

You can catch my video using the One-Step Dryer and Styler and giving you some initial feedback:

Easy to Use

: Managing a brush and dryer can be an arm workout which this Hair Dryer and Styler avoids. It’s just like brushing your hair but with heat to dry it at the same time.

Smoother Hair: This is the big benefit I noticed right away. Not only does my hair look smoother than if I just used a dryer but it also feels smoother. I have caught myself a few times touching my hair afterwards to remind myself at how lovely my hair feels, and that’s without using any styling products.

No Too Hot: Even with the high heat setting, something I use on my hair dryer, the heat never feels so intense that it burns my scalp. Perhaps because the heat is dispersed through a number of wholes over the brush head. Don’t confuse this with the unit getting hot. The head can get quite warm to the touch after extended use with longer styles. I’ve actually left the device on the counter to cool before putting away.

Tangle-Free Brush: I actually towel dry and brush my hair before using the One-Step IONIC Hair Dryer and Style from Revlon but the brush head could easily be used to detangle your hair right after towel drying.

Easy to Clean. It sounds like a petty thing but I like the fact that it’s easy to clean hair from this dryer and styler. I think the wide bristles on the brush head aid in this ease of cleaning.

Multitasking. I’ve recently discovered that the Revlon Hair Dryer and Styler also cuts my morning time down by enabling me to multitask. Now that I only need one hand to dry and brush, I have another hand free to drink my tea or brush my teeth. Yes, there are some mornings I’ve done both.

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Bottom line, even if I can’t say this Hair Dryer & Style actually gets my hair dried faster, I love the end result and the ability to use one device over juggling my brush and dryer. It is now one of my favourite routines, getting my hair dried in the morning. What products do you rely on to get you through your morning?

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. I like that it does two in one. I have long, fine hair and usually have to wait until it’s dry to brush it. I think it would save time for me.
    After using it a bunch of times did you find it dried out your hair?


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