More than 1,000 ways to have hours of family fun, even when you’re stuck at home!

Inside this book, you’ll find 1,000+ riddles, jokes, activities, and easy crafts you can do with the entire family!

“This is an excellent book! The riddles and jokes are so much fun. As a teacher, I will definitely be using these in the classroom, as well as at home with my kids!”

Elaine Johnson
Chicago, IL

What you get:
Inside this book, you’ll discover:

  • Hilarious jokes
  • Entertaining riddles
  • Silly tongue twisters
  • Punny puns for kids
  • Fun games to play at home
  • Holiday and seasonal crafts for all ages

What is it all about?
This year has been a tough one for many families

— especially those with kids.
But keeping your children entertained doesn’t have to mean watching the same five movies on repeat.

In this book, you can expect more than 1,000 hilarious and entertaining jokes, riddles, puns, crafts, family activities, and more — guaranteed to result in hours of joy for the entire family.