Bring your story to the table — every flavour imaginable. Share why you buy flowers for your desk every Monday or picked yourself off the couch to learn a new yoga practice. Inspire us with your unique way of giving back and making a difference.  Comedic or devastating, everyday or a decade ago, your story is welcome, appreciated and worthy, and you’ve got our space to share, stretch, learn, and grow in. To always feel supported, like you’ll never fall or crumble.

We’re recruiting some of the country’s most relatable experts to teach valuable courses and create meaningful content. And we’ve also created an area for moms, just like you, to teach what they know. We can all contribute in some way to the conversation: we’ve all come across that thing that helps us do something best. This is your opportunity to share it with a captive audience in a safe, supportive online community.

Read our founder, Michelle’s story about why she started EverythingMom and why she is so passionate about supporting mothers.



When you contribute to EverythingMom, you get to share the answers you’ve found along the way. We’re honoured to publishing unique, yet relatable, essays that speak to mothers just like you.

  • We love fresh, moving discussions in our community. Let your experiences be a guide to thousands of moms looking for inspiration, support and comfort during their own journeys.

  • We’re looking for storytellers who tell it like it is. No topic isn’t worthy, as long as it’s respectful, inviting to readers, and non-partisan:

    • Turn judgement and self-deprecation on their heads with your funny, inspiring tales.
    • Take us back to the year, month, day, and moment. The one that changed you and how you defined yourself.
    • Bare as much or little as you want, whenever you want. No matter what, we have a place for you.
    • From the darkest of admissions and guilty consciences, to new-mom revelations and #showerthoughts, we’re at your side for everything.
  • Test out your writing chops and create visibility while you let our community join in while you grow and find your own parenting path. We offer:

    • Your content on with links to your websites and social media profiles.
    • Social and newsletter sharing of our favourite content.



We believe motherhood is the most important, confusing and loving journey one can take. Do you think you might help lighten her load? We’re looking for luminaries to light the way in our Nurture Network where our audience of mothers can discover coaches to help her along her personal and parenting journeys. We’re launching soon and will be offering a select group of experts the following:

  • Custom designed course sales page featured in our Toolkit under your chosen category heading (see sample)

  • Custom designed sales/expert page including: (see sample)

    • Featured Offering Section
    • Other Offerings Section
    • Links to your content on
    • Call to Actions to Build Your Business
    • Build Your List with a Free Offering
  • Social and newsletter sharing of your content.

  • One week prominent feature on our home page

  • Links to our Nurture Network will be featured in our sidebar on all blog posts and in our main navigation with the title “Find an Expert”.

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