Top 35 Most Popular Utah Baby Names For Boys And Girl

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Are you looking for the best name for your newborn girl or boy? Are you looking for the most popular Utah baby names for your little sunshine? If the answer is “yes,” you have come to the right place!

Utah is a beautiful state in the USA. It’s well-known for its mesmerizing natural beauty, vibrant culture, and festivities. I saw pictures of Utah on Instagram a few years back and instantly fell in love with this beautiful place. The snowy winters and the dry summers are something that characterizes this state.

The names that they give to their newborns tend to be unique. They can be similar to regular English names, but their spellings are tweaked. And when it comes to naming their kids, they follow their traditions.

Also, many parents go for Biblical names derived from the Book of Mormon.

Now, choosing a name for your baby is a lot more difficult task than it seems. You spend hours and days zeroing in on the name you like the most.

But the actual struggle starts when the other family members have their favorites and criticize the name you choose. Making them understand your point of view is a task in itself. I’m saying this from my own experience!

The Best Utah Baby Names

I’m here to make the task of choosing the best name for your little sunshine a lot easier. Being the mother of a two-year-old, I know exactly how it feels when you can’t find that one name you think is perfect for your baby.

And it is then that you get into frustration.

But I don’t want that to happen to you. And so, here I am with my list of the top Utah baby names.

I have made different sections for names for girls and names for boys. Also, for the parents of the new generation, I have made a section for gender-neutral names too.

So, what are you waiting for? Put your reading glasses on and scroll through the names!

Utah Baby Names for Boys

Utah Baby Names for Boys

Have you given birth to a baby boy recently?

Well, first, congratulations!

You become responsible for a little life growing inside you when you become pregnant. You need to eat, sleep and move with care so that the baby inside you can be healthy and at ease.

And then, when you show that little life the first light of this world, you become responsible for so many other things. One of them is choosing a name for your little one.

That is where this article comes into the picture.

I have listed some of the most enticing Utah baby boy names in this section.

Check out!

  • Amos

Do you belong to a religious family? Or are you religious?

Then Amos can be a good name option for your little one.

It signifies the duo of father and son who are totally into protecting everything holy. It’s rooted in Hebrew and means “carried by god.”

During the Puritan ages, this name was extremely popular, after which it lost its charm. But now, again, Amos is making a comeback.

  • Ammon

Do you like names with unique spelling? How about the name Ammon?

It’s another form of the name Amon. You can find this name in the Book of Mormon. It has a certain goofy vibe to it that is liked by parents.

Ammon has its roots in the Celtic language.

  • Aaron

If you are looking for a Utah boy name that has the power to stand the test of time, a name that people will love in the years to come, you can go for the name Aaron.

It’s a sexy name whose charm you can’t ignore. It has its roots in Hebrew origin and holds the meaning of a high mountain.

According to the Bible, Moses’ brother was named Aaron.

You can use the spelling Aron too.

Do you know about the late American actor and singer Elvis Presley?

His middle name was Aaron.

  • Brigham

Brigham Young is the name of the Mormon leader who made this name famous and inspired the Utahans to carry it. He was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ second president.

The name means a “little village near the bridge.”

  • Braxton

The majority of people residing in Utah are descendants of the British.

And so, you can find many people carrying traditional English names.

The name Braxton holds the meaning of “Brock’s settlement.”

It is a stylish name for your baby boy.

  • Beckette

If you are looking for a hot and sexy name for your little handsome one, you can choose the name Beckette for him.

It is the variation of Beckett and holds the means bee cottage.

It has a posh vibe and sounds like a hot guy’s name. It’s not for nothing that many celebrities gave this name to their baby boy.

  • Bart

Do you want your son to grow up being close to nature?

Have you heard the name Bartholomew?

 Bart is a short version of that name and means son of the Earth.

Bart can be a good name option. It is short and has a sharp kind of vibe to it.

  • Cohyn

Cohyn is a unique Utah name that has a regal vibe to it. Have you come across the name Cohen?

Cohyn is a variation of that name. The popularity of this name is not limited to Utah. It’s a hot favorite among Jews too.

Earlier, this name was used as a last name, but now people use it as a first name.

  • Calvin

I find Latin names to be super sexy. Something about their language and names never fails to attract me.

The name Calvin has Latin roots. It is derived from the French surname Cauvin, derived from chauve, meaning “bald.”

And who doesn’t know about the very famous fashion designer Calvin Klein, right?

  • Dallen

If you like mountains and valleys and want your son’s name to vary an essence similar to that, you can go for the beautiful name Dallen. Some parents go for the spelling Dallin too.

It’s one of the most popular names in Utah. It holds the meaning of “from the valley.”

  • Elijah

If you are looking for a name that oozes class and royalty, Elijah is the name for you.

This name is supremely popular among the people of Utah. Have you watched the famous series “The Vampire Diaries?”

I’m a big fan and watched all the parts several times. After all, this series has my crush, Ian Somerhalder!

In that series, an important character carries the name Elijah.

In the Old Testament, Elijah is a prophet. He rode on a fiery chariot and went to the Heaven. This name holds the meaning of “Yahweh is God.”

  • Gideon

The archenemy of King Noah was Gideon. He was also the Church’s leader.

This name has such poise in it. It has its roots in the Hebrew language.

The word holds not one but many meanings. Some of which are “mighty warrior,” “hewer,” and “feller.”

If you want your kid to grow up strong and be the leader of the people, you can choose this name for him.

  • Isaiah

It’s an elegant name that seems like the name of some peace-loving prophet. It has a soothing vibe to it.

If you like the names of such vibes, you can shortlist this name for your little one. In Utah, this name is one of the most used. But if you go to other parts of the USA, you would rarely find people with this name.

It holds the meaning of “salvation of the Lord.”

  • Jacob

It’s the name of the lead character names from the very popular Twilight movie series. It was the name of the werewolf with whom the female lead shares chemistry.

It has its mention in the Bible too. It’s one of those names that has been successful in consistently keeping its place on the top of the Utah baby boy names list.

It carries the meaning of supplanter.

  • Joseph

If you are from Utah, you already know about the weight the name Joseph carries. After all, it is the name of the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, which is Joseph Smit.

It sounds like the name of someone who belongs to a classy family. Go for it if you want a name with a similar vibe.

Joseph has the meaning of “Jehovah increase.”

  • John

Tell me, how many you know or have you met who carry the name, John?

My answer would be “many.” It’s because the name John is a hit among parents. They never think twice before giving this handsome name to their babies because of its excellent vibe.

I have an uncle whose name is John. There was a teacher in my school whose name was John. And my best friend’s father’s name is also John.

So, now you know how popular this name is, right?

It means “God is gracious.”

  • Joel

This name is another popular Utah baby name for boys.

If you are a mother to a son and you want to go for names that are short, trendy, and easy to remember, Joel is the name for you.

This four-letter word is liked mostly by religious parents as it has its mention in the Bible.

Did I tell you Joel was one of King David’s “mighty men?”

Yes. It rose on the chart of popularity during the 16th century. And still, it is chosen by parents all over the world.

Joel translates to “Jehovah is his god.”

  • Jared

You might have encountered this name if you have read the Old Testament. It finds a mention in the book.

The people of Utah like giving this religious name to their newborn sons. If you are religious too and want to go for a popular name for your kiddo, Jared would be a good name option.

It carries the meaning of “he descends.”

  • Oliver

The name Oliver has its roots in the English language. It primarily means the Olive tree.

It is taken from Olivier, a French name derived from Oliverius, a Latin name.

Oliver became hugely popular in the Middle Ages – thanks to the much-loved epic poem in the French language, “La Chanson de Roland.”

In that, the knight in shining armor was named Oliver.

  • Owen

The name Owen has its roots in the Irish and Welsh languages. When it comes to the Irish version, it is pronounced as O-wen. And in its Welsh version, it is pronounced as OH-ween.

The Welsh version has been derived from Owain, its English counterpart.

A famous personality with this name is actor Owen Wilson.

The name means youth or the yew tree.

Utah Baby Names For Girls

Utah Baby Names For Girls

We are two sisters. I am the elder one. When my mother got pregnant with my sister, I prayed to God daily to give me a sister. And he listened to my prayers. I was blessed with a sister, whom I always treated like my child, as we have a huge age gap.

So, when I got pregnant, you can imagine how I wished to be a mother to a daughter. And this time, too, God listened to my prayers. I gave birth to a baby girl, the apple of my eye.

My next concern was to choose the most beautiful name for her with the best meaning. And I did.

Are you someone like me who has given birth to a daughter and looking for a name that matches her personality? If you are looking for one, this section is for you!

Here I have made a list of gorgeous Utah names for girls.

Read on.

  • Ada

Ada is the name for you if you are looking for a name that oozes the vibe of nobility. This short three-letter word can be an alternative to another popular name Ava.

Did you know that Ada is one of those first names mentioned in the Book of Genesis?

It holds the meaning of nobility.

  • Brighten

Your child’s name will surely stand out when you choose a name that isn’t commonly used. And with the name Brighten, the people of Utah have done that.

The name has now become a popular girl’s name in Utah. Of course, you don’t hear this name if you go outside Utah.

  • Clara

Clara sounds like the name of someone shy, follows the rules, and is religious. If you want your baby girl to be like it, you can choose this name.

It means clear and bright and is used as a variation of the name Claire.

  • Dinah

I like Hebrew names because of the ancient stories they are associated with. Dinah is one such name that has its roots in the Hebrew language.

It sounds good, and it’s unique. Dinah means God will judge.

  • Eliza

Suppose you like the traditional name Elizabeth but looking for a trendy and modern variation. In that case, Eliza can be the one for you.

It is short, and it sounds cute. Eliza Sow was the name of Zion’s Poetess.

It holds the meaning of “consecrated to God.”

  • Galilee

If you are into religion, you may already know that Galilee is where Jesus Christ spent more than thirty years of his life.

This name has something joyful about it. That may be the reason people like their daughters to carry this name.

It holds the meaning of “the province.”

  • Hannah

I was a regular watcher of the American sitcom Hannah Montana where Miley Cyrus played the lead role.

This show became so popular that it ended up being a movie. And I watched that too. That was a time when I loved everything about this character.

Are you a Hannah Montana fan too? How about giving this name to your daughter?

Hannah translates to grace.

  • Ivy

If you follow the names celebrities give their kids, the chances are that you have already come across the name Ivy. After all, this is the name that Jay Z and Beyonce have chosen for their daughter.

It has a quirky and trendy vibe to it.

So, if you want to fit in the celebs’ shoes and go for an unusual but sweet name for your baby girl, go for Ivy.

  • Kairi

Have you played the video game Kingdom Hearts?

In that, the main female protagonist carries the name Kairi. This name with Japanese roots is quickly climbing up the stairs of the popularity chart in Utah.

It means sea. If you love playing video games and want your daughter to grow up a gamer, you can opt for the name Kairi. It oozes gorgeousness.

  • Madelyn

As a kid, I loved watching Madeline after coming home from school. The main character in that show was Madeline.

Madelyn is a variation of that name. It holds the meaning of “from Magdala.”

Names ending with “lyn” sounds stylish to me. Go for it if you like its vibe.

Unisex Utah Baby Names

Unisex Utah Baby Names

These days, you may come across many parents who want to avoid following the traditional path when naming their kids.

They don’t want to give their babies names that will divide them based on gender. Instead, they want to give gender-neutral names to their babies.

The best thing about these names is that both boys and girls can use them.

Are you one of those parents?

The following are some unique Utah gender-neutral names for your little kiddo.

Check out!

  • Alma

This name has a feminine vibe, which you can’t ignore. But it’s a name that both girls and boys in Utah use.

This name is related to the prophets and great missionaries. You might have already come across this name if you have read the Book of Mormon. It is mentioned there.

Alma has its roots in Latin and carries the beautiful meaning of nourishing.

  • Cooper

Isn’t the name super stylish?

Whenever I hear this name, it reminds me of the famous clothing and footwear brand Lee Cooper.

This unisex name translates to someone who makes barrels. Many celebs carry this name, including the actor Jackie Cooper.

  • Oakley

The name Oakley comes from the word oak. It’s one of those Utah names that have always retained its charm, and people are always eager to give their kids this name.

As it is a gender-neutral name, you can give this name to either your son or daughter. Of course, it will make a better name for a boy than a girl because of its underlining masculine vibe.

Oakley holds the meaning of “oak wood or wood clearing.”

  • Rowan

The name Rowan has its roots in the Irish and Gaelic origins. It is a gorgeous name that will fit your girl or boy perfectly.

According to its Irish roots, Rowan comes with the meaning of “the little red one.” And when it comes to its Gaelic roots, it has been related to the rowan tree. This small tree has bright red berries that you can find in Asia and Europe.

Also, according to some cultures, this tree has magical properties related to good luck and protection.

  • Kai

This three-letter name is gender-neutral. It has several roots, including Hawaiian, Finnish, Estonian, Frisian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and German.

According to its Hawaiian origin, it holds the meaning of ocean.

And it does have a breezy and fresh vibe to it.


Did you enjoy reading my list of the top Utah baby names? How many names have you shortlisted? And do you want me to add more names to this list?

Tell me in the comments, and we can have a great chat!

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