40 Spanish Baby Names: Embracing Beauty and Vibrancy

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Spain is a beautiful country known for its pristine beaches, intricate architecture, culinary arts, and bullfights, apart from its football.

And not just natural beauty, culture, and history, Spain is also well-known for its names. I find them very sexy, especially the way they are pronounced.

Now, do you have a Spanish heritage? Or is there anyone in your family you want to honor by giving your little sunshine a Spanish name?

Then this article is for you!

I know how time-taking and confusing it can get while zeroing in on that one name for your baby.

It took me months to decide! There were so many names that I liked, so choosing one from among them proved really difficult. But as a fellow parent, I don’t want to make it hard for you. And so, I have come up with some of the best all-time favorite Spanish baby names for your little bundle of joy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Keep scrolling while sipping your favorite wine!

The Best Spanish Baby Names of All Time

Spanish names are a treat in themselves – all thanks to their accent being one of the sexiest on this planet!

Now, although we are all parents, we don’t have the same criteria when it comes to names. Isn’t it?

While some of us look for rare names, some want popular names; some want names with a specific vibe, some with a specific meaning, and the list goes on and on.

Keeping that in mind, I have added names to the list that will fulfill all your requirements.

Also, to help you have a smooth name-searching experience, I have made different sections based on the gender of the names. Did I mention I have added gender-neutral names too?

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Spanish Baby Names for Boys

Spanish Baby Names for Boys

Are you blessed with a baby boy?

Well, congratulations!

Just like Spanish guys, their names are super attractive too. While some are a bit long and have that vintage vibe, some are short and modern.

All you have to do is scroll through them and choose the one you think best suits your baby boy!

  • Jose

Joseph is a common name that we all have heard. And Jose is a variation of that name. While Joseph has Hebrew roots, Jose is its Spanish variant. 

In the USA, Jose is the name that tops the chart of the most popular Spanish names. You can also go for the spelling Josepe if you want a unique variation of this name.

Jose sounds trendy and can fit your modern baby boy perfectly.

  • Cayetano

Have you heard the name Gaetano which has Italian roots? The name Cayetano is the Spanish version of that name.

It’s not a name that you get to hear every day. It holds the meaning of “someone who was from the ancient Italian town of Caieta.

  • Domingo

If you’re a religious person and want to give your baby boy a name that has at least some connection to religion, you can go for the name Domingo.

It has a certain strong vibe and means “of the Lord.” It refers to Sunday, a holy day for people belonging to the Christian faith.

It makes it a perfect name for your son if he is born on a Sunday.

  • Fausto

As parents, we want our kids to be blessed with all the luck and happiness in the world. So, how about you choose a name that means something like that?

Fausto is the name for you.

It is taken from its Latin version Faustus and means “lucky.”

  • German

The Roman version of the name German is Germanus. It has a regal vibe that makes it all the more attractive.

Another version of this name is Herman. This can be a good choice if it’s your second baby, as it translates to brother.

  • Lorenzo

The name Lorenzo has a sexy vibe to it. It sounds like the name of some posh guy.

It is the Spanish version of the name Laurence or Lawrence. And a cute nickname that will go with this one is Renzo.

It holds the meaning of one who is from Laurentum, an ancient city in Italy. When it comes to popularity, this name is always on the list of top names.

  • Maximo

We want our kids to be the best in whatever they do, right? If you want something similar to the meaning of their name, Maxima can be an option for you.

It has that superhero vibe that makes it sound like some powerful man’s name.

With its roots in the Spanish language, Maximo translates to greatest.

  • Nestor

Are you into mythology?

Then the chances are that you have come across the name Nestor. It has its mention in Iliad by Homer.

Nestor is a name with a calming effect. It sounds like the name of a well-mannered composed man.

It holds the meaning of a home comer and can suit your baby boy the best if you like mythological names.

  • Ramiro

Ramiro has a royal vibe to it. It’s the name that many Spanish kings and noblemen carried.

Many parents look for regal names because of the weight those names carry. If you are one of them and want your son’s name to sound like the name of some king, Ramiro would be a great option.

It comes with the meaning of famous. Also, some say that it means advice.

  • Salvador

Salvator is a name of Latin origin. And Salvador is that name’s Spanish form. Also, some say that it has Portuguese and Catalan roots as well.

Go for it if you want your little boy to grow up as a person who works for the good of the people – a people person. It holds the meaning of a savior.

A famous personality with this name is Salvador Dali. He is a painter.

  • Antonio

This name reminds me of one of my favorite childhood movies, The Legend of Zorro. And the character of Zorro was played by Antonio Banderas, a Spanish actor.

The name Antonio reached the peak of its popularity in the 1950s and 1960s in Spain, after which it became a common name in the USA too.

It has a playful vibe to it that many parents like. Another variant of this name is Anthony.

  • Felix

Felix is a name with a pop star vibe. But it is mentioned in several religious books, including the New Testament.

Many popes and saints carried this dashing name.

It can be a great choice of name if you want your son to be successful in life, as it holds the meaning of “successful.” Also, some say that it means lucky.

Another variation of Felix is Feliciano.

  • Marino

Do you like the sea and its beaches? Do you want to give your son a name to remind you of that? How about the beautiful name Marino?

This name has a soothing sea-like vibe that can calm your senses any day.

Marino holds the meaning of “of the sea.”

  • Oscar

If you are into literature, the name Oscar may remind you of the famous writer Oscar Wilde.

Originating in the Gaelic language, Oscar translates to a dear friend. However, some people say that this name has Old Norse as well as Old English roots.

It is a popular name today.

  • Placido

We lack patience and calm these days – all thanks to our hectic and modern lifestyle!

But if you want your son to have traits such as patience and calm, you can choose the name Placido for your baby boy.

With its origin in the Latin language, this name means calm or quiet.

Spanish Baby Names for Girls

Spanish Baby Names for Girls

Choosing the best name for your little princess is not an easy task. I am a mother to a baby girl, too, and I know how many gorgeous names are out there to choose from. Choosing one among them can get really difficult.

But, you know, you must choose the best name out there. And for that, I have already made a list of the most graceful and pretty names for your baby girl.

Happy name hunting!

  • Valentina

Valentina is such a melodious name! It’s the feminine version of the name Valentinus and has its origin in the Romanian language.

Valentina will be a good choice if you are into soft and sweet names. It holds the meaning of healthy. Also, some say that it means vigorous and robust.

Another variant of this name is the very famous Valentine.

  • Sofia

Do you want your baby girl to be intelligent when she grows up? Then we can give your baby girl the name Sofia.

It’s a popular name you must have heard and read about in several books and movies.

It sounds like the name of an educated girl, and so it’s as it means wisdom.

  • Isabella

You might already know this name if you are a Twilight Saga movie series fan!

It is the name of the female lead in that movie which is portrayed by Kristen Stewart, one of my favorite actresses.

Isabella is taken from the name Elizabeth. It was one of the most-used names among Portuguese and Spanish royalty.

It holds the meaning of “my God is an oath.”

  • Gabriela

Gabriela has religious roots. It’s the female version of the much-talked-about name Gabriel, which is mentioned in the Old and New Testaments.

Originating in Hebrew, Gabriela means “God is my strength.”

  • Sara

To me, my toddler is a princess. And I mean it so much that I gave her a name that means princess.

If you are also looking for a similar meaning, you can use the name Sara. It sounds like the name of an elegant lady.

In the Hebrew language, Sara holds the meaning of a princess. Also, some say that it means a noblewoman.

You can choose the spelling Sarah or Sarai too.

  • Daniela

I like lyrical names. They have a feminine vibe to them. And Daniela is one such name.

It is the female version of the name Daniel. If you’re looking for a religious name, this can be a great name option. This pretty name holds the meaning of “God is my judge.”

  • Aurelia

This name oozes elegance! You can’t ignore the sweet feminine vibe it has.

It is taken from Aurelius, which is a surname used by Romans. It was the name carried by the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius.

It holds the meaning of golden.

  • Carmen

Have you heard the name Carmel? Carmen is the Spanish version of that name.

It can be a good name for your daughter if you are into music and want to give her a name that signifies the same.

The cute name Carmen holds the meaning of a song.

  • Eliana

Do you like the sun and the sunny weather? And do you like charming names?

Then you will like the name, Eliana!

It sounds melodious with a beautiful feminine charm you can’t help but notice. You can go for its variation Elaine as well.

Eliana holds the meaning of the sun.

  • Raquel

Are you into unique names? Do you want your daughter to carry such a name that none of her classmates would have? Then you can opt for the name Raquel for your little one.

Its other variation Rachel is more commonly used as a name compared to the name Raquel.

It’s a name mentioned in the Bible, making it popular among parents who prefer names with a religious connection.

  • Xiomara

Many parents favor rare names. And I am one of them. I like names that are unique and have their unique charm.

If you’re anything like me, you can go for the name Xiomara.

I bet you haven’t heard it before. Some other versions of this name are Wigmar and Guiomar. It has its mention in the legends of King Arthur.

  • Yolanda

The one thing I like about vintage names is that they always stay in fashion, no matter how old.

Yolanda is one such name that was very popular in the old days. Although it isn’t widely used today, it still fascinates people.

Also, this can work gorgeous as a flowery name, as it holds the meaning of violet.

  • Adela

If you want your baby girl to grow up as a woman loved and admired by everyone, you can go for the name Adela.

It sounds graceful and posh.

Adela holds the meaning of noble.

  • Estrella

I am a big fan of star names. They are attractive, feminine, and shiny.

Estrella is one such name. It is super gorgeous with all the mysteriousness it needs. Go for this name without a second thought if you like starry names.

Estrella translates to a star.

  • Julia

This name reminds me of the very popular actress Julia Roberts.

The name Julia sounds super pretty and seems like it is carried by someone full of grace.

The male version of this name is Julius. People believe that it’s derived from Jupiter, the Roman god.

  • Ligia

If you want your baby girl to have a pleasant voice that can make others listen to her, you can choose the name Ligia for her.

It’s not so common name in the US, as also in other parts of the world. It has its mention in the Odyssey and means shrill or clear-voiced.

  • Luz

Do you like names that are trendy and short? How about the name Luz?

This super-short three-letter name has a modern vibe to it. This pretty name is easy to remember as well.

It holds the meaning of light.

And did I tell you Luz is the title people use for the Virgin Mary as “our lady of light?”

  • Esmeralda

This name oozes sweetness!

Esmeralda sounds gorgeous with a cute vibe. The musical note in this name makes it all the more attractive.

It holds the meaning of emerald. It can be the perfect name for your princess if she is born in May. Emerald is the birthstone for people born in this month.

Gender-Neutral Spanish Baby Names

Gender-Neutral Spanish Baby Names

What I most like about gender-neutral names, apart from the fact that both girls and boys can carry them, is that they are extremely modern.

And parents these days like to go for modern, unique, and charming names that are suitable for Gen Z.

The following are such Spanish unisex names for your little one.

  • Acosta

Although I am a mountain person, I occasionally enjoy beach vacations, where I love watching the sunset while sitting on the beach.

If you are a beach person and want to give your baby a name that signifies the same, you can give them the name Acosta.

Originating in the Spanish language, Acosta holds the meaning of coast.

  • Amor

Your baby is the fruit of your love for your partner, isn’t it? How about you holding onto that feeling and giving your baby a name that reminds you of the same?

Amor is one such beautiful name. It has that lovely vibe and sounds like the name of a person who knows how to love.

As this awesome name is gender-neutral, you can go for this no matter the gender of your little one.

It holds the meaning of love.

  • Buenaventura

If long names don’t bother you, as long as it comes with a good meaning, you can go for the name Buenaventura.

This name has a kind of sexy vibe to it. You can choose this name for your little bundle of joy if you want them to be blessed with good luck and riches.

It means good fortune. Though some say that it means “God be with you.”

  • Castillo

Castillo has a regal vibe that you can’t ignore. It sounds like the name of some posh and rich person.

Although it may suit a guy the most, you can give this name to your girl, too – all thanks to its gender neutrality.

When it comes to its meaning, different people have different opinions.

While some say that Castillo holds the meaning of a castle, others say that it means “a person who works or loves in a castle.”

  • Darien

I had a very complicated pregnancy. And so, I consider my baby girl a miracle and a gift from god.

If you have the same feeling about your kiddo, you can name them Darien. It holds the meaning of a gift.

Also, some say Darien translates to wealth, good, and protector.

  • Eldorada

Eldorada is a pretty name with Indo-European vibes. It sounds super graceful and can fit your baby boy or girl perfectly.

It came from the Spanish name El Dorado and holds the meaning of the golden one.

  • Flores

Do you like rare names?

Flores can be the name for you! This name is super cute and can suit your baby boy and girl equally, as it’s a unisex name.

Also, it can work great as a flowery name.

Flores holds the meaning of flowers in both Portuguese and Spanish languages. A famous personality with this name is Henry Jaynes Fonda. He is an Academy Award winner.


Choosing the right name for your baby girl or boy is very important because, as they say, your baby becomes their name.

I hope you liked the names I listed here. Did you shortlist any of the names for your little one?

Let me know in the comments!

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